Sarai Fernandez

Computer Science Domain Manager at Codecademy

Sarai has a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a Human Computer Interaction Concentration from Stanford University. While much of her technical knowledge comes from the courses she took in college, she learned Python from Codecademy!

Sarai is passionate about education and technology, having worked in computer science education for nearly a decade. Prior to Codecademy, she created and taught K-8 computer science content, worked with Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Java instructors at Udacity, and taught introductory Java at Stanford University. Sarai has created content for learners from a variety of backgrounds and ability levels, and she strives to create accessible and inclusive content.

Sarai spearheaded the creation of Codecademy’s Cybersecurity content, and has worked on almost every piece of Cybersecurity content in Codecademy’s catalog! She has also worked on courses like Intro to Blockchain and Crypto.

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