Sophie Sommer

Curriculum Developer at Codecademy, data science and data engineering.

Hey there! I’m a Curriculum Developer here at Codecademy, primarily focused on building data science and data engineering content.

Before joining Codecademy, I worked as a Research Assistant at a bio-statistical consulting firm, and then as High School Math Teacher and Basketball Coach for several years. I have an undergraduate degree in Math and German from Colgate University, and a master’s degree in Applied Statistics from New York University.

As a math and data science teacher, I’m interested in finding ways to make STEM education more accessible for all students.

In my spare time, I love dragging friends and family on incredibly long walks, befriending every dog I meet, and researching new restaurants to try!

Sophie Sommer


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Assessing differential item functioning for the Social Appearance Anxiety Scale: a Scleroderma Patient-centred Intervention Network (SPIN) Cohort Study (link)

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