Practice building projects without even leaving your browser. Just open a new workspace in your Codecademy dashboard, pick a language, and start coding.

It’s that easy.

Person coding a workspace

Gain valuable experience

Learning environment icon.

Use a familiar IDE

Start coding instantly in your browser without setting up a separate development environment.

Mountain with flag icon.

Code on your own

Gain valuable experience by building an independent project without step-by-step directions.

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Experiment freely

Practice and test out different approaches to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

How it works

Check back to see new features and updates as they’re added.


Share with a link

Send your code to anyone who has a Codecademy account.


Set your privacy level

Decide who can access or find your work and change it any time.


Port in projects — coming soon

Easily move your work from courses and projects into a workspace to test out new ideas.