Covid-19 and Pneumonia Classification with Deep Learning




This project is slightly different than most on Codecademy. Instead of a step-by-step tutorial, this project contains a series of open-ended requirements that describe the project you’ll be building. There are many possible ways to fulfill all of these requirements correctly, and you should expect to use the internet, Codecademy, and other resources when you encounter a problem that you cannot easily solve.

Project Goals

You are a researcher in a hospital lab and are given the task to develop a learning model that supports doctors with diagnosing illnesses that affect patients’ lungs. At your disposal, you have a set X-ray lung scans with examples of patients who had either pneumonia, Covid-19, or no illness. Using the Keras module, you will create a classification model that outputs a diagnosis based on a patient’s X-ray scan. You hope this model can help doctors with the challenge of deciphering X-ray scans and open a dialogue between your research team and the medical staff to create learning models that are as effective and interpretable as possible.

Setup Instructions

If you choose to do this project on your computer instead of Codecademy, you can download what you’ll need by clicking the “Download” button below. Included in the downloadable zipped folder are the admissions data and a starter code file. If you need help setting up your computer, be sure to check out our setup guide.