Build Web APIs From Scratch

Take a deep dive into the back-end architecture of web apps by building your own API from scratch.
Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and Express.js, a new technology that powers APIs at companies like Twitter and PayPal.

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What You'll Learn in
Build Web APIs From Scratch

This program will teach you the skills you need to build the back-end of a web application. When you pair this Pro Intensive with front-end programming skills (if you're interested, check out Build Front-End Apps from Scratch), you'll be able to build rich and interactive full-stack web apps.

In just eight weeks, you'll learn about the architecture of a web application, how the back-end of a web app interacts with a database, and how to use JavaScript and Express.js to create modern back-end APIs. You'll graduate with three real-world projects of your own.

  1. Unit 1

    JavaScript Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of using JavaScript on the web.
    Project: Rock-Paper-Scissors Game
  2. Unit 2

    JavaScript Arrays and Iteration

    Learn how to store and iterate through data in JavaScript arrays.
    Project: Drum Machine
  3. Unit 3

    JavaScript Objects and Modules

    Learn about more advanced types of JavaScript objects.
    Project: Reddit Clone
  4. Unit 4

    Introduction to Express.js

    Learn about the web framework built with JavaScript, Express.js.
    Project: Boss Machine
  5. Unit 5

    Introduction to SQLite

    Learn how to read and analyze data stored in relational database.
    Project: Gold Medal Metrics
  6. Unit 6

    Mini-Capstone | Code Strips

    Create a web API that creates and saves comic strips.
    Project: Comic Strip App
  7. Unit 7

    Capstone | X-Press Publishing

    Build an API that keeps track of artists and their works for a publishing company.
    Project: Publishing Company API
  8. Unit 8

    Capstone | Ex-Presso

    Build an API that a coffee shop owner can use to manage employees and menu items.
    Project: Coffee Shop API
Michael Doliner, a Codecademy curriculum designer

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“There are hundreds of courses that give you a cursory overview of these important languages, but this program goes deeper. We interviewed developers about challenging real world situations and designed a program to teach you to solve them.”

—Michael Doliner
Codecademy Curriculum Designer & Former Google Engineer
A project page web app UI called Gold Medal Metrics

Learn by Doing

In this program, you'll learn to build back-end web APIs with the same technologies that professional web developers use to build APIs at companies like Twitter and PayPal.

Code Reviews by Professional Developers

Our team of developers will review your final projects and give you detailed and personalized feedback.

A Codecademy Advisor

Program Details: Build Web APIs From Scratch

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March 26

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March 26

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May 21



Time Commitment

While you’ll be able to move at your own speed, you should make sure that you generally have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate to the program in order to stay on track.


Experience with the Command Line and text editors is recommended, but not required. The program is available only in English.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We designed a program that we think you'll love. If this Codecademy Pro Intensive isn’t right for you, you can request a full refund within the first week.

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Jorge Tovar, Codecademy Pro Intensive Graduate

Hi, I'm Jorge

Learner Success Story

“Keeping to a step-by-step weekly curriculum, working on real-life projects to make the concepts stick, having guidance with that challenging final project, chatting with experts to ask those questions you’ve been dying to ask — it was exactly the setup I needed.”

—Jorge Tovar
Codecademy Pro Intensive Graduate

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