Build Website UIs

In this 8-week Intensive, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web design. Build thoughtful layouts without spending hours with prototyping tools, work seamlessly with your design team, and troubleshoot your website.

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What You'll Learn in
Build Website UIs

This introduction to visual user interface design gives you the knowledge to move visitors through your site, down your page and deeper into your funnel. In just 8 weeks, we’ll cover the fundamentals of usability, accessibility, color theory, typography, layout and more. Unlike other design courses, our code-first approach teaches enough programming to put your knowledge into code - fast.

  1. Unit 1

    Intro to User-Centered Design

    Learn the process of user-centered design and how to interpret website analytics and user research
  2. Unit 2

    HTML and CSS Foundations

    Learn the building blocks of web design
  3. Unit 3

    Intro to Usability

    Learn the conventions and standards that will help your users make sense of your website — the first time
  4. Unit 4


    Make websites accessible to all users regardless of disabilities or impairments
  5. Unit 5

    Color Theory

    Use and combine colors to make designs that are appealing and user friendly
  6. Unit 6

    UI Layout and CSS Grid

    Learn how to create layouts that are appealing to your user, using new techniques like CSS Grid
  7. Unit 7

    Text and Typography

    Understand how typography affects your design and how to play with text
  8. Unit 8


    Build sites with navigation bars, footers, and other elements that follow UI best practices to guide your users to the content they want
  9. Unit 9

    Capstone Project

    Put your skills to the test by improving the look and feel of a lackluster e-commerce website
Sam Bakkila, Codecademy Curriculum Developer

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“Being able to design with the end-user in mind is one of the most important skills you can have in the tech industry. Gone are the days of learning to code by making sites that say ‘Hello world!’ or that showcase filler content! Learn to make sites that will reach and move your audience from the very beginning.”

—Sam Bakkila
Codecademy Curriculum Developer
a website advertising food

Build a Final Project That Matters To Your Business

You’ll be given the code for a basic but lackluster e-commerce site. From here, you’ll make design decisions around color, layout, typography and more to improve the user interface. Then you’ll implement these improvements using CSS and HTML.

You’ll walk away with a website that looks and feels industry-leading, earns authority and converts more users into customers.

Code Reviews by Professional Developers

Our team of developers will review your final projects and give you detailed and personalized feedback.

Program Details: Build Website UIs

Last Day to Enroll

May 6

Start Date

May 7

End Date

July 2



Time Commitment

While you’ll be able to move at your own speed, you should make sure that you generally have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate to the program in order to stay on track.


No prior coding experience is required to enroll. This Intensive is available only in English.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We designed a program that we think you'll love. If this Codecademy Pro Intensive isn’t right for you, you can request a full refund within the first week.

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