Build Websites from Scratch

Learn to design, build and deploy professional websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Github

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What You'll Learn in
Build Websites from Scratch

This program goes beyond definitions and into the best practices of expert developers. You'll ease in with the basics and quickly ramp up to confidently build websites with pixel-perfect accuracy.

  1. Unit 1


    Start setting up your dev environment and build your first two websites
  2. Unit 2


    Style your website using CSS and use DevTools to inspect how any site is made.
  3. Unit 3

    Command Line & Git

    Set up Git to save drafts of your website and deploy it to the web with GitHub Pages.
  4. Unit 4


    Learn to position on-page elements and create versatile grid systems.
  5. Unit 5

    Responsive Design

    Make websites change dynamically when viewed on any screen size.
  6. Unit 6

    CSS Docs & Debugging

    Solve unfamiliar problems with official CSS documentation as your resource.
  7. Unit 7

    Design Principles

    Design engaging experiences with color, typography, and animation.
  8. Unit 8

    Build a Custom Website

    Create a one-of-a-kind design, write the code, and then deploy your site online.
  9. Unit 9

    JavaScript & jQuery

    Choose from three projects to build using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“There are hundreds of courses that give you a cursory overview of these important languages, but this program goes deeper. We interviewed developers about challenging real world situations and designed a program to teach you to solve them.”

—Michael Doliner
Codecademy Curriculum Designer & Former Google Engineer

Personalize your final project

Break free from templates! In this program, you'll learn the craft of building websites piece-by-piece, so you can stick to the specs or make it your own.

Animated gif of a match game UI

Build an interactive game

Use HTML and CSS to build the elements of your game and use complex JavaScript logic to make it fully playable.

Animated gif of a list of items UI

Utilize Third Party APIs

Use JavaScript to integrate the functionality of apps like to build your own custom user experience.

Animated gif of a photo blog UI

Design Impressive Interactions

Use JavaScript and modern CSS3 to trigger delightful animations and interactions for users on your website.

Code Reviews by Professional Developers

Our team of developers will review your final projects and give you detailed and personalized feedback.

A Codecademy Advisor

Program Details: Build Websites from Scratch

Last Day to Enroll

April 30

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April 30

End Date

July 9



Time Commitment

While you’ll be able to move at your own speed, you should make sure that you generally have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate to the program in order to stay on track.


No prior coding experience is needed to enroll. The program is available only in English.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We designed a program that we think you'll love. If this Codecademy Pro Intensive isn’t right for you, you can request a full refund within the first week.

Additional Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find additional information or to contact our support team.

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Kelly, a Codecademy learner

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Learner Success Story

“Before joining Codecademy Pro Intensive, I had no knowledge of tools like GitHub or the command line, and minimal experience with the process of working as a professional coder. Now, I’m working as a part-time web designer with a startup in Manhattan and what I learned through Codecademy Pro is helping me excel at it.”

Pro Intensive Graduate
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