Computer Science Basics: Algorithms

Learn to apply powerful algorithmic concepts such as recursion, sorting, searching, and graph searching into your projects in just 7 weeks.

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What You'll Learn in
Computer Science Basics: Algorithms

Strong knowledge of how algorithms work and when to apply them is often what separates average programmers from great ones. Build on your knowledge of data structures and learn the fundamentals of computer science in this course.

  1. Unit 1

    Asymptotic Notation

    Learn about asymptotic notation and how to analyze algorithms.
  2. Unit 2


    Solve problems using recursion.
  3. Unit 3


    Analyze different methods for ordering your data quickly and efficiently.
  4. Unit 4

    Sequential Searching

    Write algorithms to effectively locate the data that you are looking for.
  5. Unit 5

    Graph Searching

    Traverse a graph in different ways to locate data.
  6. Unit 6

    Applied Algorithms

    Use algorithms to solve logic puzzles and code challenges.
  7. Unit 7


    Write an algorithm to find a path through a maze, picking up items along the way.
Tim L. Mullen, Mathematician, Software Engineer, and Curriculum Developer

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“Algorithms are the basis of computing. Once the 'what' and 'why' of programming are understood, algorithms answer 'how'. Once you understand them, you'll have a much greater capacity to solve problems with software.”

—Tim L. Mullen
Mathematician, Software Engineer, and Curriculum Developer
Use graph searching algorithms to determine a path through a corn maze.

Project: Convoluted Kernel Maze

Use graph searching algorithms to determine a path through a corn maze. Keep a sorted inventory of items you pick up along the way to make sure you are holding onto the best swag.

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Program Details: Computer Science Basics: Algorithms

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