Computer Science Basics: Data Structures

Go back to basics with our course on computer science fundamentals in Python. Data structures are the building blocks of systems and a constant topic in job interviews.

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What You'll Learn in
Computer Science Basics: Data Structures

We’re for the self-taught programmer. This Intensive shares what most online tutorials miss–the book theories that result in cleaner, efficient, logical code. Showcase your work with real-world projects and breeze through your next technical interview.

  1. Unit 1

    Getting Started with Data Structures

    Learn how data structures fit into computer science and about the node building block.
  2. Unit 2

    Linked Lists

    Create your first data structure. Learn how to build and use your own Linked List.
  3. Unit 3

    Stacks and Queues

    Compare two new ways to organize and access your data linearly.
  4. Unit 4

    Hash Maps

    Learn about key-value relationships and explore with hash maps.
  5. Unit 5

    Trees and Heaps

    Implement a data structure for an interactive story and order your data using heaps.
  6. Unit 6

    Graphs and Data Structure Review

    Build a maze using a graph and fortify your knowledge of data structures.
  7. Unit 7

    Asymptotic Notation

    Learn about asymptotic notation and apply it to the data structures that you've learned.
  8. Unit 8

    Capstone Project: Local Restaurants

    Build a predictive restaurant name search using your knowledge of data structures.
Adam Kaczmarek

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“Adding structure to a program's data allows the resulting system to be more efficient, readable, and reusable. The data structures taught in this Intensive provide a strong foundation for a career as a software developer.”

—Adam Kaczmarek
Senior Curriculum Developer and former Aerospace Engineer
Build a Yelp replica for finding restaurants in SoHo

Capstone Project: Local Restaurants

Use a tree-like data structure called a trie and a hash map to build a Yelp replica for finding restaurants in SoHo, New York.

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Program Details: Computer Science Basics: Data Structures

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