Data Visualization with Python

In 6 weeks learn the basics of the data science programming language Python to organize, analyze and visualize your data.

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What You'll Learn in
Data Visualization with Python

Data Visualization allows you to customize, automate and build beautiful and granular depictions of your data. Upgrade your career by learning a bit of Python to build powerful visualizations that harness your data and powers your career.

  1. Unit 1

    Introduction to Python

    Learn the basics of Python, a versatile programming language used in data analysis.
  2. Unit 2

    Python for Data Analysis

    Level up your programming skills with intermediate Python syntax and Jupyter Notebooks.
  3. Unit 3

    Visualizing Data with Matplotlib

    Communicate your data findings with Matplotlib graphing tools.
  4. Unit 4

    Data Manipulation with Pandas

    Use the Pandas Python library to load, inspect and modify data to perform advanced data analysis.
  5. Unit 5

    Advanced Graphing with Seaborn

    Enhance the look of your data visualizations with Seaborn, a Python data visualization library.
  6. Unit 6


    Bring your skills together in a Capstone project that is portfolio-ready.
Zoe Bachman, Codecademy Senior Curriculum Designer

What makes Codecademy Pro Intensive different?

“As the amount of data in our world increases, we need to understand how to make sense of it. This Intensive teaches you how to harness programming to transform millions of data points into visually compelling charts and graphs. After this Intensive, learners can break away from the traditional spreadsheet graphics to make beautiful, customizable visualizations that work in both the boardroom and the blog post.”

—Zoe Bachman
Senior Curriculum Developer and graduate of The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU
Star Gazer - Data Visualization Project

Watch the Stars Align

As part of this course, you'll build a beautiful 3D constellation of stars that connects your knowledge of Python and Matplotlib.

Code Reviews by Professional Developers

Our team of developers will review your final projects and give you detailed and personalized feedback.

Program Details: Data Visualization with Python

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Time Commitment

While you'll be able to move at your own speed, you should make sure that you generally have at least 10 hours a week to dedicate to the program in order to stay on track.


No prior coding experience is needed to enroll. The program is available only in English.

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