Censor Dispenser



This project is slightly different than others you have encountered thus far on Codecademy. Instead of a step-by-step tutorial, this project contains a series of open-ended requirements which describe the project you’ll be building. There are many possible ways to correctly fulfill all of these requirements, and you should expect to use the internet, Codecademy, and other resources when you encounter a problem that you cannot easily solve.

Project Goals

You’ve recently gotten a job working in the IT department at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest new startups, AirWeb. The company is developing a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine designed to help provide a new perspective on the world’s problems. Interestingly, very few people know the details of AirWeb ‘s work and the company is very secretive about its technology, even to its own investors.

You report directly to the Head of Product, a person named Mr. Cloudy, and he has a very important task for you. You see, every month, the head researchers down in the lab send an email to the board of investors to tell them about the status of the project. Cloudy wants you to intercept these emails and censor any “proprietary information” included in them.

Setup Instructions

If you choose to do this project on your computer instead of Codecademy, you can download what you’ll need by clicking the “Download” button below. If you need help setting up your computer, be sure to check out our setup guides.