Save the Farm!


Hello there. It’s been a harrowing few weeks. First your toenail issue, and now Great-Aunt Natasha’s emu farm is in danger of being reposessed! So here you are—after a brief stopover at the Mayo clinic—in Uncle Boris’s remote cabin in the heart of the Terror Woods. Family legend holds that a golden statue of immense value is hidden somewhere within these walls…

Welcome to the world of interactive fiction. In this project you’ll be building a text adventure game called Save the Farm!

You’ll be practicing everything you’ve learned about booleans, conditionals, and logical operators to create a fun, silly game. You can customize the game to your taste. Once you’ve completed this project, you’ll understand the mechanics of building an interactive text game, so, from there, the world is your oyster (as Uncle Boris always used to say).

Take your time and have fun!