Yesterday we went live with Learn From Home Day — a full day of learning news skills with our friends from Food52, Y Combinator, Fatherly, Splice, Twitch, Brunchwork, Skillshare, Duolingo, Headspace, and Casper, along with celebrated executive coach Jerry Colonna. We learned soooo much and we hope you did too!

If you weren’t able to join us, we’ve got you. We recorded the live event so you can watch it on your own time (and then watch it again… and again… and again).

Check out the full replay below, followed by a full list of all the skills we learned about. We’ll also share some links to extra resources in case you want to continue to learn and explore.

Before diving into all the new skills, we recommend watching the event opening and keynote! Codecademy CEO and Co-Founder Zach Sims opened the day by answering some questions from Community Manager Alyssa Vigil about online learning. Then, at the 15:00 minute mark, venture capitalist and professional coach Jerry Colonna gave an inspiring keynote on what we can learn from life right now.

At Codecademy, we’ve always been passionate about learning from home. Today, online learning is more important than ever. Being stuck at home can be monotonous, and picking up a new skill can help create a sense of empowerment. Our hope is that, through our Learn From Home Day sessions, you’ll learn at least one new skill to make your days a little bit brighter.

Check out the full list of skills below, and feel free to leave us a comment letting us know about your favorite thing you learned!

Skill #1: Learn about starting your own company with Y Combinator

Starting at 44:15, we were joined by Eric Migicovsky, Y Combinator partner and founder of Pebble for a fireside chat on startups. Eric talked about what a startup is and shared some amazing tips and tricks for anyone that’s thinking about starting their own company.

In order to build a successful startup, Eric Migicovsky recommended the following four things:

1. Build something people want.
2. Build something that’s not easily copied.
3. Be a force of nature.
4. Be on a mission that matters to a lot of people.

But that’s just the icing on the cake. To learn even more, watch the full session.

Want to keep learning? Check out Startup School. One of the resources that Eric mentioned during his session, Startup School is a free 8-week online course designed to help anyone start a company.

Skill #2: Learn how to cook pasta with Food52

At 1:14:37, right around lunchtime on Learn From Home Day, we were joined by Ella Quittner, a writer and recipe developer at Food52. Ella will show you how to make an easy recipe for Pasta with Brocoli-Cheddar Sauce, with just a few ingredients that can be substituted for things you have in your pantry.

Want to keep learning? Check out these recipes and resources that Ella shared during her session:

Skill #3: Learn about parenting during a pandemic with Fatherly

Tyghe Trimble and Patrick Coleman of Fatherly joined us 1:45:00 to answer four of the most frequently asked questions about parenting during the pandemic. Tyghe and Patrick share tips for getting kids comfortable with wearing masks, for dealing with anxiety and mental health as parents, and more.

You’ll get something out of this session whether or not you have children. If you don’t, it’ll shed some light into what your friends and family members that are parents may be dealing with, and how you can support them during this challenging time.

Want to keep learning? You can can find even more tips and advice at, where you can also sign up for a newsletter full of tips and tricks related to parenting during a pandemic.

Skill #4: Learn how to make music with Splice

Have you ever played an instrument or made music of your own? At 2:16:20, Nick Chen from Splice joined Learn From Home Day to show us how to create a track using a collection of instruments requested by the audience.

Want to keep learning? Check out the Splice Beat Maker that Nick mentioned during the session to start building your own beats for free.

Skill #5: Learn how to live stream with Twitch

At 2:46:20 you can jump to a fun session with Mary Kish, Head of Community Marketing at Twitch. If there’s anyone to learn streaming best practices from, it’s Mary! She covers all the basics of live streaming for beginners, whether you want to go live on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, or the platform of your choice.

Learn about everything from camera setups and lighting tips to how to interact with viewers who are commenting on your livestream.

Want to keep learning? Check out this resource from Twitch, which dives into the basics of building your brand and engaging your community.

Skill #6: Learn to meditate with Headspace

Midway through our day, we took some time to relax with Eve Lewis, Content Director and the female voice of Headspace. You can check out Eve’s session starting at 3:46:01. Take some time to pause, reset, and find a sense of calm in your day, whether or not you’ve ever done any kind of meditation before.

Want to keep learning? Head over to the Headspace website for a wealth of resources and information on the topics of meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation.

Skill #7: Learn how to network with brunchwork

Whether you’re currently looking for a job, plan to look for a job in the future, or simply want to start building out your professional network, Paulina Karpis of brunchwork has you covered with some wonderful tips, starting at 4:14:46.

Paulina shares a presentation on the secrets to building a world-class network that lands you a dream job faster. She covers everything from why networking is so important to how to build up your own community, the art of the approach, and more.

Want to keep learning? You can find out more about career advancement through community by signing up for the brunchwork newsletter or exploring the bunchwork website, which Paulina mentioned during her session.

Skill #8: Learn how to draw for inner calm with Skillshare

Creativity can help you through these challenging times, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. Which is why we recommend checking out Skillshare teacher Amber Vittoria for a session on how to draw your feelings, starting at 4:44:52. Grab a piece of paper or sketchbook and the writing utensil of your choice and draw what moves you while listening to Amber answer questions about art and creativity during quarantine.

Want to keep learning? If you enjoyed drawing with Amber, learn more from her on Skillshare.

Skill #9: Learn a language with Duolingo

Dr. Cindy Blanco is a language scientist at Duolingo. She joined us at 5:14:51 for a session on learning a new language from home. Whether you want to learn a language to put to use on an upcoming trip abroad, or just to make progress towards a goal while you’re at home, you’ll pick up some tips for learning a new language, including these:

  1. Set meaningful goals
  2. Vary how you study
  3. Make it personal

Want to keep learning? Head over to to browse all the languages they have available and start learning.

Skill #10: Learn to code with Codecademy

Alex Kuntz and Zoe Bachman, Codecademy curriculum developers, joined Learn From Home Day for a session on learning to code, starting at 5:44:46. In the session, Alex and Zoe walk through the Codecademy course, Learn How To Code.

In the session, they dive into some basic programming concepts and then put them into action. They also answer questions from the audience about learning to code.

Want to keep learning? Learn How To Code is a free course — feel free to dive in and go through the course on your own! If you’ve already got the basics down, check out our full catalog.

Skill #11: Learn to sleep well with Casper and Dr. Frank Lipman

At the end of the day, it’s time to rest. Which is why we closed out Learn From Home Day with a question and answer session with Casper Sleep Advisory Board Member Dr. Frank Lipman.

Starting at 6:44:47, Dr. Lipman discusses the importance of sleeping well — especially now. He answers some of the most popular questions that Casper gets about sleep, including how much sleep you should get each night, how important sleep is in recovery from an illness, and how different foods impact our sleep. He also fields questions from the audience on sleeping well during the pandemic.

Want to keep learning? Check out the Casper blog for more advice and articles about how to improve your sleep.

We hope you learned as much as we did at Learn From Home Day! Please share your favorite sessions and learnings in the comments below. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! To stay in the loop, check out the Codecademy Events page and follow us on social media — you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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