In addition to improving course quality and the course creation process, we’ve been busy working to improve the community experience on Codecademy. Forums have provided a resource that supplements course content and allows users to both learn from and interact with each other. Today, we’re rolling out a Q&A redesign that makes it easier to find the content and answers you need.

Instead of a general forum for each section, questions are now categorized by course, section, and exercise. Here’s an example of what the main view for navigating forum questions looks like:


We’ve built the new Q&A using backbone.js and HTML5 pushState, which makes for quick navigation through the forums, and we’ve also made the system more flexible in preparation for future growth (we’re also working on more general Q&A beyond course content). At the same time, we are adopting new community norms for Q&A that will make them a more helpful, pleasant place to get questions answered and go beyond the lessons. Be sure to check out the new forums for your courses and send us your feedback!

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