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What Does a Data Engineer Do?

By Lillian Xiao

In this article, we shine a spotlight on the role of Data Engineer, based on information shared by industry coaches Nana Essuman and Femi Anthony during the Black and Brilliant AI Accelerator program.


Highlights from the Black and Brilliant AI Accelerator

By Lillian Xiao

Earlier this year, we partnered with Black and Brilliant to launch an Artificial Intelligence Accelerator program, aimed at upskilling the next generation of AI superstars.
We’re excited to share some of the key highlights from the program.


Do I Have To Be Good at Math to Code?

By Lillian Xiao

Here at Codecademy, one question we hear a lot is: “Do I have to be good at math to code?” To answer this question, we spoke with developers from the Codecademy team and our larger community to hear their thoughts on the topic.


5 tips for making time for learning at work

By Lillian Xiao

To help you make learning a habit, we’ve put together some tips — including ones that our Codecademy for Teams learners and community members have shared with us — for staying motivated while learning to code.


What Is C++ Used For?

6 minutes
By Lillian Xiao

C++ can be found just about everywhere you look. It powers search engines, VR applications, air travel, movie production, and even exploration on Mars! We’ll take a look at a variety of real-world applications.


No-code vs. Low-code: A Guide To Getting Started

By Lillian Xiao

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between no-code and low-code. Plus, we’ll share some tools and resources to help you decide where to get started, with help from the team at Makerpad.