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No-code vs. Low-code: A Guide To Getting Started

By Lillian Xiao

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between no-code and low-code. Plus, we’ll share some tools and resources to help you decide where to get started, with help from the team at Makerpad.


Introducing Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI

By Lillian Xiao

We’re pleased to introduce you to Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI. This Skill Path is designed for anyone interested in building and publishing a mobile app for Apple devices from start to finish.


How to add JavaScript to customize your Wix site with Velo

By Lillian Xiao

Want to do more with your Wix site? Whether you’re a creative professional, business owner, or building something just for fun, you can add tons of advanced features to your site with a bit of JavaScript know-how.


Understanding Open Source Software: A Q&A

By Lillian Xiao

Open-source software is essential to the work of many engineers, but what exactly is it? We spoke with Codecademy Senior Software Engineer Josh Goldberg to learn more.