Introducing collaborative coding with Career Path groups


Collaborative coding leads to better code. Whether it’s tackling problems, building solutions, or sharing knowledge, learning to code with others is increasingly essential. That’s why we’re excited to roll out Career Path groups — a new curriculum feature designed to help you gain confidence and learn the collaborative coding skills you need to succeed in your new career.

Now, when you enroll in a Career Path, you’ll be introduced to your peers who are also starting out on the same Career Path at the same time. Think of them as your fellow classmates! They are people you can reach out to for code reviews, pair programming, and group projects as you progress through your learning journey.

“Much of our curriculum is self-paced learning, but it doesn’t mean you need to learn alone. Your peers are the people that you can learn with,” says Alyssa, a Community Manager here at Codecademy.

Once we introduce you to your fellow learners, and the next step is up to you — message each other in the Forums, chat on Discord, or join a Chapter to meet over video call and practice collaborative coding with one another. The best way to get started is reaching out to your fellow learners and taking that first step!

Below, we’ll take a look at the collaborative coding skills you’ll need to know. If you’re looking to start a career, it’s important to get practice in these collaborative coding techniques — they are skills you’ll be using on the job, whether it’s with co-workers or if you’re working on a team.

Code reviews

Code reviews involve other programmers looking over your code and providing feedback. They will review the code for things like logic, functionality, and readability, or based on any specific questions you might have. Code reviews also involve looking over someone else’s code and providing clear feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Code reviews are a great way to practice giving and receiving code feedback. The process involves formatting and commenting your code so that others can read it. And it’s a best practice for checking whether a program runs as intended, spotting inefficiencies, and making sure code is consistently formatted. Code reviews are terrific for discussing and sharing ideas with fellow developers.

To learn more about code reviews, watch this video on how to review someone else’s code. And be sure to check out this article on giving and receiving code review.

Pair programming

Pair programming consists of two programmers working together on at the same terminal, at the same time. One person writes the code (the driver), while the other checks the code being written and figures out where to go next (the navigator). They can switch roles frequently over the course of a session.

Pair programming is a useful technique to learn and experience. You’ll gain exposure to different ways of tackling the same challenge. You’ll also get to experience the unique dynamics of working alongside another developer in real-time. It’s an efficient way to work through tough problems by applying two brains instead of one. And it’s a great method for sharing knowledge and cementing your learnings as a new developer.

If you’re wondering how pair programming works, check out this video of two Codecademy developers pair programming. To learn more about pair programming, see our article on pair programming in the Codecademy Forums.

Group projects

Group projects bring together diverse skill sets to take on large technical challenges. Unique to the project and its goals, these skills sets can include UI, UX, front- and back-end, data analysis, and more.

Working in a group means being able to tackle more complex challenges than you could on your own. And it’s great for exploring solutions from different perspectives. You’ll be able to work with your peers toward a shared goal — leaning on each other to get through tough problems, and celebrating the successes that you have along the way. Learn more about group projects by checking out our guide on tackling a group project.

Get started with collaborative coding

Career Path Groups are friendly spaces for getting to know your peers who are also at the same stage in their learning journey. Once you’ve introduced yourself, the possibilities are in your hands! Continue meeting in the Forums, find one another on Discord, or create a Chapter to meet regularly over video call and support one another to Career Path completion, and beyond.

To enroll in a Career Path, check out the list below and click through to learn more:

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