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Great news! We’ve revamped our career paths to offer a new and improved interface that’s more conducive to your learning experience.

If you don’t already know, our career paths are highly structured programs that teach you all the skills you’ll need to launch a successful career in tech. Want to become a Web Developer? Our Full-Stack Engineer career path covers front-end development, back-end, and everything in between — and we’ve redesigned it to make the curriculum feel more digestible and easier to navigate, and ultimately accelerate your learning progress. The same goes for the career paths below:

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Better organization

We’ve broken up our career paths into clearer sections. We know that scrolling through dozens of lessons can be intimidating, so we’ve reorganized the curriculum into distinct modules that clarify the exact skills you’re learning.

We’ve also added Career Path Syllabi, which show you all the topics you’ll learn as you work toward your goal. And clicking on each topic will bring you to its Unit Syllabus, which lays out the lessons, projects, and other content you’ll complete in that unit — as illustrated in the gif below.

The redesigned Career Path Syllabus and Unit Syllabus for the Full-Stack Engineer career path.

Better illustration of your progress

In the old career paths, you might’ve spent hours coding only to see marginal increases in your progress. But that’s no longer the case! We’ve fine-tuned the progress-tracker so it now increases as you complete each individual lesson. That means you’ll see progress with every lesson, quiz, and assessment you complete — giving you a better sense of your development (and hopefully some encouragement along the way).

Better job prep

We’ve also started integrating other resources to help ensure you’re job-ready by the time you complete your path. You’ll find resources for connecting with other developers in our community, advice for preparing for technical interviews, tips for building a resume and portfolio, and more, weaved throughout your coursework.

How to access the new career path

If you’re just starting out in a career path, you’ll be automatically brought to the new version upon enrolling in the course. And if you’re already enrolled, you’ll see a banner prompting you to make the switch. Just hit “update syllabus” (seen in the image below) to be directed to the new version.

If you’re already enrolled in a career path, click the yellow “update syllabus” button (center) to be directed to the new page

Get job-ready with professional certifications and new Pro features

If you’ve already completed a career path, you’ll know that you earn a certificate upon completion to prove that you’ve finished the course. But now, you can also earn professional certifications from Codecademy after completing the assessments in your career path.

The assessments are designed to evaluate your proficiency with specific technical skills (and highlight what you need to learn if you find yourself stuck), and once you’ve passed them, you can add your professional certification to your portfolio and LinkedIn profile and share them with recruiters.

We’ll also help you prepare for your job search. Passing technical interviews is key to landing a job in tech, and we’ll help you practice with Code Challenges — real technical assessments pulled from leading tech companies. We also offer interview prep courses, and soon, you’ll be able to connect with potential employers right here on Codecademy! We’ve partnered with exclusive job boards that are specifically interested in our learners, and you’ll be paired with opportunities that align with your skill set and goals.

What inspired the change?

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your learning experience. This redesign comes after months of research and experimentation, and data shows that breaking down the curriculum and better illustrating your progress will help keep you engaged and motivated as you work toward your new career.

And for those exploring other careers in tech, sit tight. We’ll be reorganizing our other career paths over the next few months.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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