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What Does an AI Engineer Do?

By Stephan Miller

What does an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Engineer do? Learn what A.I. is, what skills you need to be an A.I. Engineer, and how to become one.


10 Java Code Challenges for Beginners

5 minutes
By Codecademy Team

Are you learning Java and looking for exercises to test your new skills? Try these 10 Java code challenges for beginners and put your Java knowledge to use.


10 Advanced Python Code Challenges

5 minutes
By Stephan Miller

There’s no better way to learn algorithms and data structures than by completing code challenges. Here are 10 advanced Python code challenges to get started.


What Is a Framework?

5 minutes
By Codecademy Team

What’s a framework? It’s a structure you can build software on, allowing you to speed up the development of your applications. Learn more about how they work.