How to Use ChatGPT to Market Your App or Project

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AI is making waves in marketing, and with the right tools and knowhow, promoting your apps and software can be a breeze. From identifying your target audience to creating engaging ads and copy, AI tools can save you a ton of time and effort. Plus, you don’t need to know any fancy marketing strategies or jargon — all you need is the right prompt.

Here are a few examples of how you can use ChatGPT to streamline your marketing. Check out our course Prompt Engineering for Marketing if you want to learn more about how to effectively utilize AI tools — we’ll show you how to craft quality prompts that help optimize your results, avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and ensure your work is both ethical and credible.

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Get a headstart on market research

Before you can do any marketing, you need to know who you’ll be marketing to. Once you understand your audience’s tastes and preferences, you can create marketing materials that strike the right tone and make people want to engage with your product.

Say you’re an iOS Developer who just created a game that you think could be the next Final Fantasy and you’re trying to figure out how to get eyes on your app. Where do you even start? You could spend hours combing through data and articles about the mobile gaming industry — or you could ask ChatGPT. When you write a prompt, it has to be more specific than just, Hey, market my app. Let’s start by asking ChatGPT to brainstorm a potential audience.

I created a mobile RPG for iOS, and I’m looking for information about mobile gamers in the U.S. Please act as a market researcher and provide specific details and information about mobile gamers, their interests and preferences, likes and dislikes, demographics, and psychographics.

In just a few seconds, you’ll have valuable information you can use to create a buyer persona, which is a marketing term that means a representation of your target audience. But remember to do your own research, too. ChatGPT sounds confident, and it’s an awesome resource for getting started — but it can make information up. AI tools can also replicate harmful biases if trained on faulty data, and they may lack vital contexts like regional laws or regulations around specific products. If you want to learn more about the potential threats and moralities of AI, try our course Learn the Role and Impact of Generative AI and ChatGPT

Once you’ve verified your results, ChatGPT can help you evaluate the competitive landscape so you know what you’re up against. But again, you’ll need to validate your findings. GPT3.5 — the model behind ChatGPT — was trained in 2021, so some of its data may be a little out of date. 

Please list ten popular mobile game developers in the U.S. that specialize in RPGs with details about their market share, popularity, brand values, and social media sentiment.

Now you know who your market is and who your competitors are, but how do you stand out? Let’s ask ChatGPT.

How can I make my mobile game stand out from competitors? Please provide ideas for how to differentiate my game from other mobile RPGs.

And not only can it help you come up with ideas to improve your app, it can also help you build them by reviewing code and suggesting optimizations. Check out our case study Debug Python Code with ChatGPT to learn how to test and optimize your code.

Develop your channel strategy

After doing some market research, you’ll have an idea of who your buyers are and what they want in an app — but how do you get in front of them? You have a wide array of options to choose from when you’re looking for a place to advertise, and ChatGPT can help you find the most fruitful avenues to explore.

Please act as a market research assistant and identify the best channels to promote mobile RPGs for iOS.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, you can ask ChatGPT for tips on how to market on those channels. Let’s go with social media and influencer marketing for our imaginary iOS app.

Please act as a digital marketer and recommend social media marketing and influencer marketing strategies to promote a mobile RPG for iOS.

With this, we have all the information we need to create a basic marketing campaign. Now, let’s see how ChatGPT can help us execute.

Get the word out

Once you’ve got your plan laid out and you’re ready to start making ads, ChatGPT can help expedite the process by generating quality captions and copy to accompany your posts. You could also use it to create blog posts, emails, and other marketing materials, depending on your campaign.

I’m promoting my new mobile RPG on social media, and I need help creating sales copy. Please provide five captions to accompany gameplay footage for Twitter ads.

This is where your prompt engineering skills come into play. The wording of your prompts can significantly influence your results, and providing more details and direction about the tone, audience, and format can lead to more relevant results.

I’m promoting my new mobile RPG on social media, and I need help creating sales copy. The RPG follows a customizable protagonist named Hero that teams up with a selection of NPC companions based on typical fantasy archetypes (i.e., rogues, wizards, fighters, monks, etc.) to travel the stars and save the cosmos from a dark eldritch being known as Abyss. Please use these details to write five captions to accompany gameplay footage for Instagram ads.

Along with ChatGPT, you can also use other generative AI tools like DALL-E to generate custom images you can add to your marketing. Try our free Intro to Generative AI for more details on various AI tools and how they’re revolutionizing their industries. And if you want to learn more about how people are effectively using AI to improve their marketing, try our case study Write a Sales Outreach Email with ChatGPT.

Optimize your messaging

Ad copy can make or break a marketing campaign, and word choice also affects how search engines rank your content. With ChatGPT, you can do some basic SEO keyword research and find the best ones to use to market your app.

Please act as an SEO assistant and provide a list of keywords related to mobile RPGs to use in Google Ads. 

Again, you can get better results by providing more information.

Please act as an SEO assistant and provide a list of keywords related to mobile RPGs to use in Google Ads. The ads will promote a fantasy RPG about a protagonist named Hero that saves the cosmos from the dark entity Abyss.

AI tools can be a great help, and there are many ways to use them to your advantage. Check out our AI courses like Intro to ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering for Marketing for more details.

While it’s exciting to see how ChatGPT can boost your potential, it’s important to remember that you can’t leave it all to AI. Whether you’re marketing an app you built or your own expertise, you’ll need to verify your research before finalizing your plans.

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