We Launched a Code Crew of Super Users — & You Can Apply to Join

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Jonathan “Minhzy” Truong, Head of Community, here with an exciting announcement about a new resource for our Codecademy community.

Today, we achieved a milestone by launching Code Crew — it’s our super user program of learners and professional developers who create welcoming experiences across our diverse community. These programmers know the ins and outs of our platform and are available to jump right in and lead discussions, answer questions, create and update Docs, and host events. 

We wanted to recognize our exceptional and passionate learners who devote their time and knowledge to making Codecademy the most welcoming, helpful, and fun coding community out there. Code Crew brings together these awesome individuals so they can build connections and help out other people on their coding journeys.

Here’s a little background on a few of our founding Code Crew members: 

  • Lilla C. (Zurich, Switzerland), a Front-End Engineer at Intersys who’s passionate about accessibility in web design and DEI. You might’ve seen her contributions to Docs.
  • Haris I. (Lahore, Pakistan), a Software Engineer with expertise in full-stack and a passion for cutting-edge mobile and web applications. Also, Haris is a leader of our Coding Cleverly Chapter.
  • Vic O. (Tampere, Finland), a Software Designer who learned to code with Codecademy when he was in high school. Read this blog post to learn more about how he broke into tech.

Ready to join the Code Crew?

So, why should you join Code Crew? There are some pretty sweet perks! In addition to being considered certified Codecademy all stars, you’ll access a members-only space in our Forums, have priority seating for all Community Events, and get to connect with others in the Code Crew professional network. Not to mention, you’ll collect cool schwag, and receive complimentary Codecademy Pro. Other benefits on the way include seeing sneak previews of new courses and products and chatting more directly with the Community team (like me!). 

The best benefit? Creating new friendships, of course! We know that whether you’re just starting to code or are an experienced dev, having a network and support system can be a game-changer. Your fellow Code Crew members could be the connection between you and your next dream gig, a potential co-founder for that big app idea you have, or just a study buddy who helps you crush a course. 

We encourage learners of all levels to apply, although some coding knowledge is needed since ideal applicants would be able to lend a hand to help others. When you apply to join the Code Crew, our Code Committee will review your application. Then, you’ll hear from Codecademy’s Community Team about your status.

Interested? Want to make an impact? Feel like this speaks to you? Then read more information and start your journey to Code Crew-dom today. The Codecademy Community Team hopes to have you in the Code Crew soon!

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