Codecademy Chapters: Learn together, stay connected, and get involved


Earlier this year we started something new here at Codecademy — Chapters! Codecademy Chapters are community-led local groups designed to help you stay motivated, get support on your learning journey, and connect with other learners near you, in-person or virtually.

We launched Codecademy Chapters in August and are so inspired by what we’ve seen so far. As of the publication of this blog post, we have 69 chapters representing 16 countries across 6 continents — everywhere except Antarctica! And there’ve already been 104 meetups scheduled by our Chapter leaders around the world.

How do Chapters work?

Chapters are community-led, which means that they are led by other Codecademy learners, rather than the Codecademy team. Each Chapter has a leader (or multiple leaders) who’s in charge of determining the mission and topic for the Chapter, in addition to scheduling virtual meetups.

See what our Chapters have been up to

Curious about the types of meetups and activities that different Chapters have been hosting? Meetups have included everything from study groups and focus sessions to fireside chats and meet and greets, how-tos diving into topics like web development or specific languages, group project brainstorms, hackathons, and more.

We recently spoke with Isabel Abonitalla, one of the leaders of Codecademy’s CUNY Tech Chapter, a Chapter made up of the schools in the City University of New York school system. Isabel told us: “It’s been a lot of fun growing my chapter. We’re at nearly 200 members now, and we’re working towards getting more students from all 25 schools in CUNY to join us.” The CUNY Tech Chapter has been hosting weekly study hours for students to bring their projects and recently participated in MLH’s Local Hack Day.

Chapters have been started all around the globe. The University of South Africa recently started a Chapter with an inspiring mission:

“Our goal is to provide women in Africa with programming training and encourage more women and men to learn code. Our coding programs are designed to educate, equip, and inspire girls with the computing skills they’ll need to pursue 21st century opportunities. Our target is African women but of course, our programs are open to anyone interested.”

And in addition to hosting virtual events for other learners in their geographical areas, our Chapter Leaders also have the opportunity to get to know one another and share ideas and experiences. Here’s a look at a recent virtual session, featuring Alyssa and Mike from the Codecademy Community Team, along with Chapter leaders Elizabeth from Washington DC, Chloe from Toronto, David from Drexel University, and Dharma from “Focus Bytes” in India!

To find out more about what Codecademy Chapters are up to, head over to view the full calendar.

Join a local Chapter

To find a local Chapter in your area and join, simply head over to our community page. You can browse local Chapters by region to find the one closest to you. Some of our existing Chapters are for students at specific universities while others are open to anyone interested in joining.

Chapters are an amazing way to collaborate with fellow learners, get support, and dive deeper into what you’re learning about. We hope you’ll join us!

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