When One Teaches, Two Learn: Meet Codecademy’s Community


Codecademy believes that “When one teaches, two learn,” a quote attributed to Robert Heinlein. To turn that belief into a reality for people learning to code, Codecademy hosts an online community with tens of thousands of members.

Across the globe, people meet and connect on their learning journeys, helping to motivate one another, celebrate accomplishments, and debug code. The forums and our Facebook group are open to all, and we host an exclusive community for Pro members.


But here’s the really amazing part—

The community doesn’t run itself!

Contrary to what many believe, a healthy peer-to-peer community always has a system of governance. Codecademy’s community certainly does. Our moderators are current and former Codecademy learners that have risen through the ranks of the Codecademy community by being helpful, supportive, and uber committed to our mission.

Because Codecademy is where so many people start learning to code, our moderators are expert beginners— they understand the experience of beginning to learn better than just about anyone on the web, and are driven to build a safe space for coding n00bs, so no one ever needs to be afraid to ask questions. What a relief!

Who are the Codecademy Mods?

Oh, and did we mention that the moderators are 100% volunteer? These knights in digital armor come from all walks of life, all corners of the globe, and all levels of experience. What brings them together—and makes them so important to the learning experience on Codecademy—is the belief that teaching someone else helps everyone learn, including themselves! A cycle of learning is created.


To quote Micheal Bragg, a Codecademy Moderator, the community runs like a “take a penny, give a penny” jar; it only works when the people getting help come back to give help. Thanks to our Mods’ support, we see people coming back to help all the time. Each person who learns here will come back to teach someone else, making everyone stronger.

How to get involved

Find the platform that meets your needs

If you’re still wondering if coding is for you, join the Codecademy Facebook group to connect with others asking the same question. Pros and beginners gather here to explore all possible paths and help one another find the right direction for them. We currently have 5 moderators in this space, but there’s always room for more leadership with great ideas.

For those already working through courses on Codecademy, the forums are a great place to get and give help with Codecademy curriculum. The forums have a fun and “gamified” system for gaining clout and becoming a leader. The Mods of this space do incredible work giving feedback and even creating challenges for learners to test their skills. Check out this page on badges you can earn for participating that help guide you toward becoming a leader.

For learners ready to commit to gaining technical skills for a better job, there’s an Exclusive community for Pro members. We’re always welcoming new members, joining live events, and sharing our successes. In this space, Moderators serve 6-month terms. We’re taking applications now! Join us and apply today.

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