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Codecademy for Teams: Deciding what to learn

We’re excited that you’ve decided to learn with Codecademy. Our curriculum covers a variety of languages and skills. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry — we’re here to offer some insight on which courses might be a good fit, based on your current team and role.

We have a large catalog of courses, Skill Paths, and Career Paths to choose from. Courses focus on teaching you a specific programming language, like Python 3, or skill, like Deploying with Netlify and Heroku. Skill Paths string together a series of courses to offer a clear path to learning everything you need to know to build a larger skill — like analyzing financial data or building a chatbot. Career Paths offer a track that helps you go deeper in a domain and learn everything you need to know to get started in a specific technical career, like Data Scientist or Full-stack Engineer.

Choose your path

Ready to choose your path? Click through the links below to find a course, Skill Path, or Career Path that’s right for you based on the type of team you work on and your individual role.

Non-technical teams

Technical teams

Recommendations for non-technical teams

Marketing and sales teams

If you are a member of a growth team like marketing, sales, or SEO, there are a variety of technical skills — which mainly fall under web development-related skills or data skills — that can help you with your job.

If you regularly use a content management system in your role or you’re tasked with website ownership, you can benefit from learning in-demand front-end skills like CSS, HTML, and Javascript. These skills can equip you with the tools to adjust website parameters in response to data like impressions, click-through rates, and page load speed.

Additionally, technical skills like SQL and Python can help you make the most of sales and marketing funnel data and boost the effectiveness of lead generation efforts.

Check out the suggestions below and click through to learn more:

Product teams

If you’re on a product team, technical skills are a valuable asset that can help you communicate effectively with engineers and gain a better understanding of a product and its requirements. These skills can also be leveraged to interact with a technical product to gain better insight into end users’ experiences.

Check out some of the courses and Skill Paths we recommend for product teams and click through to learn more:

  • Analyze Data with SQL - Learn the basics of SQL, one of the most popular tools for analyzing data.
  • Intermediate SQL for Marketers and Product Managers - Learn to work with data and frameworks to investigate user churn metrics, interpret usage funnels, and analyze marketing attribution methodologies.
  • Learn how to Build Websites - Learn the basics of HTML and CSS, and apply those skills to build a website with Github Pages.
  • Create Front-End Apps w. React - Build a foundation in JavaScript and React and learn how to create an interactive web application.
  • Learn JavaScript - An introduction to JavaScript, a flexible front-end skill in high demand.
  • Code Foundations - Learn to write your first lines of code with an introduction to basic programming concepts.
  • Learn Git - An introduction to Git, the most popular version control tool used by programmers.
  • Learn Python 3 - An introduction to the most up-up-to date version of Python.

Business teams

If you’re on a business, operations, consulting, or finance team, you’re probably aware that data is critical in driving decisions. Developing technical skills like SQL, Python, and R can help you make the most of your datasets so that you can extract valuable insights to inform business strategies.

Here are some courses that can help you build the skills to organize, analyze, and communicate your data more efficiently in your day-to-day work:

Recommendations for technical teams

Data teams

If you’re currently on a data, business intelligence, or analytics team, our courses can help you build on your existing technical skills for handling and analyzing data.

Here are a few courses that can help you get up to speed on a new language or stay up to date on the most important topics:

  • Analyze Data with SQL - Learn the basics of SQL, one of the most popular tools for analyzing data.
  • Analyze Data with Python - Learn how to visualize data and interpret large datasets using the NumPy and pandas libraries.
  • Analyze Financial Data w. Python - Learn how to use Python to analyze financial data and optimize portfolios.
  • Master Statistics w. Python - Learn how to summarize data and run hypothesis tests using Python. Then, grow your knowledge to work with the pandas and NumPy libraries.
  • Analyze Data with R - Learn the basics of R to conduct statistical analyses and data visualization, and dip your toes in Machine Learning in R.
  • Build a Machine Learning Model - Learn how to build on Python skills to create predictive models based on past data.
  • Data Scientist Career Path - If all of the above interests you, dive into this Career Path to learn SQL, Python, data visualization, and machine learning.

Engineering teams

Whether you’re a front-end, back-end, or full-stack engineer, we’re here to help you combine your knowledge and continue building on your technical skill set. We’ve broken things down with recommendations for building front-end and back-end skills.

If you’re a front-end or full-stack engineer, here’s a list of Skill Paths and Career Paths to check out:

If you’re a back-end or full-stack engineer, check out the following Skill Paths and Career Paths:

If you’re trying to get up to date on a specific language, library, or framework, we offer a variety of courses like Learn TypeScript, Learn Node.JS, Learn Express, Learn React, or Learn Redux.

Still haven’t made up  your mind? Explore our full catalog to see all we have to offer and find the course that’s most relevant for you.

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Risa Takenaka

Risa Takenaka

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Codecademy for Teams: Deciding what to learn
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