Learn on the Go with the New & Improved Codecademy Mobile App

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You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening. Now, you have even more opportunities to practice and review coding concepts on the go with the new and improved Codecademy mobile app.

We know learners like you want to build your coding skills, discover new ways of thinking, and launch your tech career while also living a fulfilling life. We’ve updated Codecademy Go to give you another way to supplement your coursework so you can learn to code faster at any time. (Don’t have the app yet? Download it on the App Store or Google Play.)

With these new features, you’ll be able to practice your coding and complete your courses whenever, wherever — which is a game-changer when you’re adding learning to code to an already busy schedule

Introducing Smart Flashcards

Our new Smart Flashcards are designed to make your practice sessions more effective and time-efficient. As you progress through your courses, we’ll automatically give you AI-generated personalized flashcard decks tailored to your learning needs, saving you the hassle of creating your own deck or searching for relevant pre-made ones online. 

Instead of reading through a bunch of concepts, you can flip through these flashcards while waiting in line for your morning coffee or watching TV. Flashcards also align with our cheatsheets, so your study experience is cohesive and organized across devices. You’ll be able to study smarter and more tactically with materials that are specifically tailored to your learning journey.

Access practice packs from our full catalog

We’ve expanded the Codecademy Go app with almost 10 times as much content! Now, you can access practice packs from our full catalog — including all of our courses and paths — right from your smartphone (or tablet). Whether you’re working through the Back-End Engineer career path or crushing our new Intro to ChatGPT course, you can practice your coding skills right on your mobile device — anytime, anywhere. 

Learn something new for free

Personalized practice

We use AI to figure out what you need to practice and when, and create practice packs for you based on your specific needs. Personalized practice uses the science of spaced repetition, a studied technique that’s proven to help you retain more of what you’re learning. The basic gist: Study sessions are more effective when they’re spaced out over time. We’ve built this concept into the app, so specific concepts will surface at strategic points in time. You’ll see the skills that you need the most work on more often. This was previously only available on the desktop app, but it is now part of Codecademy Go.

Synchronized practice recommendations

If you’re someone who’s diligent about meeting your weekly learning target, this new feature will help you keep your streak going. The app now syncs practice recommendations with your progress on the desktop app, so your progress will automatically update no matter what device you’re using. The practice recommendations are also personalized based on your performance. The app will also suggest course content that’s relevant to the topics you’re learning, to help you practice and review the areas you’ve already worked through.

Improved onboarding for new app users

First impressions matter, and we’ve updated our mobile onboarding experience to ensure that everyone from new learners to seasoned devs feel welcome and can easily understand the app. When you first open Codecademy Go, we’ll explain how to fit practicing on the app into your current coding routine. And if you’re curious how much time you should be spending each week learning and practicing, read this blog for some pointers.

Single Sign-On with Apple on iOS devices

For our iOS users, we’ve added support for Single Sign-On (SSO) with Apple. This feature streamlines the login process, allowing you to quickly and securely access the app.

Fresh home page look

In order to deliver these improvements, you’ll notice the home page looks a little different. When you open the app, you’ll see your course and path practice systems right away, just like when you use the desktop app. That way you know exactly where to start and can quickly jump back into what you’re learning without having to search the whole catalog. But don’t worry — you can still navigate to specific modules within the app.

Compatibility with latest Android and iOS versions

We want to ensure that our app is always up to date, so we’ve made it compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS. Enjoy a seamless and optimized learning experience on your device.

With these updates, the Codecademy Go mobile app is now better equipped than ever to support you on your coding journey. Whether you’re a new programmer or a seasoned developer, these updates will help keep you engaged and motivated to learn.

Ready to start coding on the Go? Download the updated app today and take your coding skills to new heights!

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