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Updates to Codecademy Paths

Great news! We launched new versions of our Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science, and Code Foundations Paths for Codecademy Pro.


We are continually improving and building upon our current product to provide the best place for you to learn and practice your technical skills. That’s why we’ve created new content that provides extra practice, deeper curriculum, and instructional videos.


Our Data Science Path is our newest Path, and we’re excited to share it with our learners. As data-driven decision making is increasing in popularity, data science as a career is becoming increasingly important in businesses. This makes data science a great field to get into at the moment.

What happens to my progress?

You won’t lose progress on the coursework that you’ve already completed; however, you may notice that your overall progress percentage has decreased, as there is a greater amount of content included.

How do I upgrade to the new Paths?

For current Pro users following Paths

If you're currently following a path—including Web Development, Programming & CS, Data Science, Full Stack, Front End, Coding Intro, and Other (Custom)—upgrading to a new path is a two-step process:

  1. Navigate to the “My Courses” tab and click “Update my Path” link, or click here.


  1. Choose the path that you want to enroll in!

Note: Even if you are currently enrolled in Web Development, Code Foundations, Data Science and/or Computer Science, you must re-select the same path to access the updated curriculum.


Which new Path should I choose?

Full Stack OR Front End ➡️ Web Development

The material in our new Web Development path covers all of the concepts included in the Full Stack and Front End Paths in much more depth. It uses a more up-to-date JavaScript curriculum and includes additional content like videos and code challenges to help you apply the skills that you're learning.

Coding Intro ➡️ Code Foundations

If you're looking for a path to help you try out coding and figure what you want to learn next, Code Foundations is the place to start.

Custom ➡️ Depends!

Our new paths cover the fields of Web Development, Computer Science, Code Foundations, and Data Science. If you have a custom path and you want to continue on it, please note the courses in your custom path so that you can continue those courses through the catalog.

For current Pro and Pro Trial users without a Path, or new Pro users

  1. Navigate to the “My Courses” tab and click “Add a path” under “Current Path."


  1. Choose the path that you want to enroll in!

Choose your path

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Updates to Codecademy Paths
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