Codecademy has always been the easiest way to learn to code. Today, we’re becoming much more – we’ll also be the easiest way to teach programming. The past few months, our team has focused on building great content for our users – we’ve pushed out new courses every week since the beginning of 2012 with Code Year, and we’ve added awesome new features. Some of them we haven’t even announced yet! Those of you that have been watching the site closely have probably noticed we changed the editor – we’re now showing you where your errors are occurring (you’ll see a little “x” next to them). We’ve also redesigned our interface to show you lessons, projects, and challenges, a new organization framework we’ve developed and will explain in more detail now.

Today, anyone can create their own Codecademy lesson. We’re also expanding beyond JavaScript – lessons can be created in Ruby or Python too! The lessons are just as interactive and exciting as the ones that Codecademy itself has created. We’ll be featuring the best lessons prominently on the site as well.

This is part of our mission to teach the world to code. We’re excited for everyone to join us in this mission by creating awesome tutorials for anyone to learn to code.

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