JavaScript is one of the fundamental programming languages of the internet. It serves as a great introduction to general programming principles, and it shows the power of programming.

Yet, as important as Javascript is, you need to know more than Javascript to create a website. For web development, HTML and CSS are as important as JavaScript is. Since one of the most frequently requested tutorials on Codecademy is one around how to actually create a website, we’re launching a new set of courses on HTML/CSS. Best of all, with these courses, you can see what your code is doing in one click. It’s the best of learning by doing – write your code out and see what happens instantly!

I learned to write HTML and CSS this way, and we hope that our new tutorials let you learn the same way. We’re starting slow – you’ll be building a basic webpage. After that, you’ll learn how to use JavaScript to spruce up webpages and to create your own personal homepage. Join us!

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