Hone Your Skills While Contributing to Hacktoberfest 2017 & Open Source


We’re proud to support Hacktoberfest and a month-long celebration of open source. We invite our community of learners to sharpen their skills and test their knowledge while contributing their expertise.

Hacktoberfest was created by DigitalOcean and GitHub four years ago to observe and then close thousands of open source repositories throughout October. In exchange, contributors can win a free t-shirt. Join the annual tradition, don shirt and prove to the world you hack for good.

The global event is open to anyone and everyone from experienced programmers to the literary inclined. Last year, Hacktoberfest saw contributors from over 114 countries, gave out over 15,000 tees and opened over 92,000 pull requests.

What’s open source? Open source software is code that is freely available for anyone to use, distribute, or modify – and it’s all made collaboratively by volunteers. Projects come in all shapes and sizes – Linux, Firefox, MySQL, and WordPress are all open source. Contributors can help with everything from simple tweaks to big feature additions.

Here at Codecademy, we know that our tech and our engineering skills were built on the contributions of open source and by supporting this community we support the future of tech.

Emily Giurleo


Emily Giurleo, software engineer at Codecademy, worked on MIT’s App Inventor an open source project where users can create Android apps for free using code blocks.

“Open source projects encourage the participation of a wide variety of people, creating new, low-barrier opportunities and building communities of people who want to achieve common goals.”

Jon Samp


Jon Samp is a self-taught software engineer at Codecademy who participated in Hacktoberfest 2016.

“Open source helps you break out of your knowledge-space and lets you share your expertise. Both of these skills are essential to being a developer, and Codecademy and DigitalOcean are enabling anyone to do both.”

How to Start:

Sign up for Hacktoberfest here.

Scroll down on the page to highlighted Hacktoberfest Projects.

Not a developer? You can still partake in the festivities. There are numerous open source repositories that need help editing and writing documentation.

What’s next?

DigitalOcean has labeled issues Hacktoberfest which makes finding projects easy, but you’re not limited to these. Often the best way to contribute is toward something you use or depend on every day. If a project is listed as “public” then it will count towards your contribution total.

If you’re a beginner, GitHub showcases projects that are great for open source and beginners here. We’ve also personally used CodeTriage to quickly sort and find open source initiatives.

The Details:

Pull requests can be made in any GitHub-hosted repositories/projects.
You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31.

“To get a shirt, you must make four pull requests between October 1–31 in any timezone. Pull requests can be to any public repo on GitHub, not just the ones we’ve highlighted. The pull request must contain commits you made yourself. Pull requests reported by maintainers as spam or that are automated will be marked as invalid and won’t count towards the shirt,” says DigitalOcean.

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