The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes coders, developers, and programmers under the umbrella term “Software Developer.” Last year, these professionals earned a median salary of $110,140.

The six-figure salary for coders rises from the demand for their skills. Almost every business relies on coders to some degree, whether to build applications, maintain databases, or design websites.

Still, a coder’s salary largely depends on their specific role. Below, we’ll break down some of the most popular types of coders, their roles and responsibilities, and average salaries. Note that while the figures below pertain to the U.S., these positions can expect decent wages worldwide.

Back-End Engineer salary

A Back-End Engineer manages the parts of a website the end-user doesn’t see, like servers and databases, with tools like SQL and Node.js. On average, Back-End Engineers make an average of $120,752 with a cash bonus of $4,000. Salaries vary by state and city, with those in San Francisco, California earning an average of $165,908, while Back-End Engineers in Dallas, Texas, average $106,199.

Front-End Engineer salary

On the flip side of a Back-End Engineer is a Front-End Engineer who develops the parts of applications and websites that end-users interact with. A Front-End Engineer will know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at a bare minimum for web design. They also get to be creative and think about design elements to improve the user experience.

A Front-End Engineer can expect to make an average salary of $106,129. Salaries can vary widely depending on experience, but also location. For example, a Front-End Engineer in San Francisco, California, makes an average salary of $154,412 while another in Dallas, Texas, makes $99,491.

Full-Stack Engineer salary

A Full-Stack Engineer knows about front-end development and back-end development, as well as how the two interact. In other words, they can build complete applications from scratch. They can design a website, manage a server, access databases, and code how they interact and rely upon one another.

In the U.S., a Full-Stack Developer makes $107,556 a year, on average. Depending on experience, the salaries can vary from $88,276 for an entry-level position to $130,176 for three to five years of experience.

Data Scientist salary

Companies are generating more data than ever before, and Data Scientists help them put it to good use by analyzing it and reporting on the insights they find. Still, their responsibilities encompass more than just data analytics and often branch into other dimensions like building machine learning models.

Data Scientists make an average salary of $119,828 per year. Even with less than a year of experience, Data Scientists earn $101,338 on average. Those with three to five years of experience make $138,080 each year.

Cybersecurity Specialist salary

Cybersecurity departments protect data from possible threats. They work to develop authenticating practices, improve network security, and prevent cyberattacks.

A Cybersecurity Specialist makes a salary of $65,646 with a cash bonus of $5,000 on average. These salaries also vary depending on where you work. For example, a Cybersecurity Specialist in New York City makes an average salary of $125,333, or nearly double the average countrywide.

Data Analyst salary

Like Data Scientists, a Data Analyst mines databases and business data to deliver business insights. These technical professionals know coding languages that allow them to access databases (like SQL) and analyze data (like Python).

Data Analysts can expect to make an average salary of $70,642 with a cash bonus of $2,500. Entry-level positions average $66,953, and those with a decade of experience (or more) can make an average of $83,622.

Computer Scientist salary

A Computer Scientist is someone who knows all the fundamental concepts of programming and a select few languages. They are professionals who write, improve, or review code. They can also be experts in the hardware side of computers and programming.

Salaries can again vary depending on their location and years of experience. A Computer Scientist makes an average salary of $104,758. Large tech companies, such as Apple, pay some Computer Scientists quite well, with an average reported salary of $142,747.

How to become a coder

If you’re starting at square one, never fear. We offer online Career Paths specifically tailored to some of the careers above. You won’t need to waste time searching for all the skills you might need to develop. You can simply follow the curriculum laid out for you, and rest assured, you’ll learn all you need.

If you’re a little further along in your learning journey, you may only need to develop a few additional skills to qualify for your next job. For example, if you’re already familiar with Python and SQL and considering a career in data analytics, learn the skills you need with the courses below:

Becoming a coder isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. You just need to build a foundation and practice your coding skills. Don’t forget that once you do land your first job, you’ll get support and, more than likely, some form of on-the-job training.

Get started with one of our online courses or Career Paths, reach out to our community for support, and work at your own pace. You don’t need to force anything. You don’t even need a degree. You just need some time and the desire to learn.

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