Anytime you’re using a website or an app of any kind, you’re likely benefiting from the work of a React Developer.

React is a JavaScript front-end framework that was developed by Facebook and quickly became one of the most popular frameworks in use today. It’s used by React Developers to essentially design and implement user-facing features for websites and apps, a huge component of the tech industry. As such, there’s plenty of demand for this role, and React Developers are relatively well-paid.

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for a React Developer in the United States is $108,485, but your individual pay can vary depending on a few factors.

What factors determine your salary as a React Developer?


Like many other positions, location can affect the average salary. With a lot of technical jobs going fully remote, it may seem like location may not matter as much, but the location of the company you work for still plays a big role. Plus, many remote-friendly companies have specific salary bands based on an employee’s location — meaning, cities with higher costs of living come with higher salaries (and vice versa).

Here are some of the cities with the highest salaries for React Developers, according to ZipRecruiter:

  1. Atkinson, NE: $138,117
  2. San Jose, CA: $132,949
  3. Frankston, TX: $131,444
  4. Oakland, CA: $131,412
  5. Seattle, WA: $128,477
  6. Barnstable Town, MA: $127,537
  7. Concord, CA: $126,565
  8. Inverness, CA: $126,492
  9. Wasilla, AK: $125,193
  10. Seaside, CA: $124,455


Salary can also vary by experience. Here’s a rough estimate of what you can expect to make at each level as a React Developer, according to Glassdoor:

Entry level (1-3 years): $110,922

Early career (4-6 years): $114,203

Mid-career (7-9 years): $117,414

Experienced (10-14 years): $121,860

Late career (15+ years): $128,112


Often, salaries can vary according to the company you work for, though Glassdoor shows fairly similar averages for pay for a React Developer from company to company.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the companies offering the highest salaries for React Developers:

Google: $124,612

Apple: $114,815

Microsoft: $114,108

American Express: $108,701

Of course, wherever you land a job, you can definitely negotiate your salary. And while pay is important, there are plenty of other factors to consider with a job offer, like stock options, remote work flexibility and health benefits.

Become a React Developer

While many developers begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, specialized degrees and higher education are not always requirements. There are plenty of other ways to build your educational background, like online courses. Our Learn React skill path, for example, will teach you the fundamentals of this powerful front-end framework and earn you a certificate that you can list on your resume, LinkedIn, and in your portfolio.

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