How Much is an App Developer’s Salary?


With the world embracing technology more and more every day, both personally and commercially, the software development industry is expected to grow exponentially.

Recent surveys show that there will be close to 30 million Software Developers globally by 2024. This is partially contributed to advancements in technologies, frameworks, and development methods. For example, the AI market is expected to grow into an almost $200 billion industry by 2025, and the global market for edge computing should reach almost $7 billion by 2022.

If you’re interested in a career in app development, keep reading for information on what you can expect for a salary, as well as tips on how to break into this promising industry.

What determines an App Developer’s salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software Developers make around $110,000 per year, but top-level developers are getting closer to $170,000. So what factors determine how much you can make?


You might think that you need a college degree to launch a career in app development, but the fact is that a good recruiter values experience over a lack of a degree, especially when a specific skill is in high demand.

With online courses and an eye-catching portfolio, your skills may shine more brightly than the need for a degree. And, even if you decide to pursue a degree, online courses can supplement your learning.

From coding basics to iOS app development, we offer a variety of courses that you can take at your own pace. Here are a few options that an App Developer may want to take:

Experience and skills

While there are many skills that are needed for a career in app development, proficiency in one or two programming languages is a good start, and working knowledge of others can make you an even stronger applicant. Other key skills to have are data analysis, problem-solving, and mathematics.

Soft skills are also really important for App Developers. Not only will you be interacting with members of your team on a daily basis, but you might also interview people who test your app in order to collect input for future versions of your product.

If you’re just starting out and looking for ways to build your experience, you could consider contributing to open-source projects, which looks good on your resume. You can also consider sharing personal passion projects that you’ve developed, or build a creative portfolio as your personal project.


Your salary can also depend on industry demands. For example, the industry dipped slightly in 2020, about 2.2% compared to 2019. Most of the decline can be traced to the economic impacts of the pandemic, but it illustrates how the industry market can affect revenue and salaries.


Technology evolves quickly, and some platforms excel while others become obsolete. As time goes by, you may notice that your skills become outdated, which can affect your salary and/or career opportunities.

As an App Developer, you want to be prepared for rapidly evolving technological needs and industry shifts, and one way to do this is through continued education. You could choose to learn another programming language for app development or learn a new data analytics tool.


Where you live can impact your salary. While the highest-paid salaries for App Developers are in the U.S., they vary by state. In some states, you can expect to make over $50 per hour, but in others, you might come in less than $40 per hour. You can research where demand is high and where companies are willing to pay higher salaries, if you’re open to moving to a new city for your new role.

App Developer pay by experience level

In the software development industry, experience is one of the biggest factors in how much you can earn. Actual salaries vary by location and organization, but this breakdown can give you an idea of the scale:

  • Entry-level developer with 1-3 years experience. Starting salaries range between $50,000 and $90,000. Besides location and organization, knowledge of coding languages is also a factor. Consider diversifying your portfolio by learning relevant programming languages.
  • Mid-level developer with 4-7 years experience. Salaries range from $90,000 to $130,000. At this level of experience, your position on the development team can be a big factor in determining your salary. Grow skills that can place you in a senior position on the team, such as creativity and design, effective communication, and team management.
  • Senior developer with  8 or more years experience. Salaries are upwards of $130,000 and can be as high as $165,000. With this experience and salary, you’d likely be in a manager or director position, and your soft skills would be just as important as your programming experience.

How to get started as an App Developer

Whether you’re looking from an entry-level role or wanting to earn a higher salary, there are things you can do to build a portfolio and make your resume more attractive:

  • Create a professional online presence and build your network. Your professional website or a career-oriented social media platform, like LinkedIn, is an excellent way to showcase your abilities and experience. You can also start making connections with other industry professionals and begin collaborating and expanding your network.
  • Consider volunteering. Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to gain experience and it stands out on your resume, especially when you contribute to social good projects and organizations. Even though there might be little or no financial compensation, it’ll quickly provide you with experience and a project to add to your portfolio.
  • Start a personal project. Creativity and drive are qualities that every employers values, especially for those higher-level positions in the industry. Designing and completing an individual project has the two-fold benefit of providing you with another project to showcase while displaying your creativity and commitment.

It will take some work and commitment to gain the experience you’ll need to earn a higher salary. But, with the industry growing as it is, it’ll be well worth the time and effort. Whether you choose to go the route of getting a degree or not, online training courses can get you into an entry-level job so you can quickly start building your portfolio.

We have courses designed to help you do just that. You can broaden your knowledge of coding languages, data science, software engineering, and more. Explore the course catalog to start on your path to becoming a well-paid App Developer.

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