We are excited to feature notes on HTML written by one of our very own Codecademy learners, Michael Parekh! As fellow note-jotting enthusiasts, we wanted to take a moment to highlight three benefits of note-taking: engagement, organization, and comprehension.

  • Note-taking helps you remain engaged when you encounter new material. As you listen, watch, or read new content, note-taking encourages you to pay close attention and decide what to include in your notes.

  • The process of note-taking is a process of organizing ideas. Notes follow a structure, and when you re-write a concept in terms that make sense to you, this re-organization leads to deeper thinking.

  • Notes can also come in handy when you are working on a project or taking a quiz and need a quick refresher on a concept. Creating notes is a positive feedback loop, and we are stoked to see our learners share notes with the rest of the community!

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