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Here at Codecademy, we believe that technical skills and digital literacy are important for all people in all industries. Marketers, sales teams, finance teams, and more can all benefit from learning to code. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about Codecademy for Teams — a Codecademy for Business offering we quietly launched earlier this year to allow organizations to provide technical training and education for their employees.

Codecademy for Teams is currently being used by over 500 organizations, from Fortune 500s to media brands, universities, financial institutions, and more. Are you a team lead, manager, or team member that’s interested in signing your team up for Codecademy? You can learn more about the features and benefits of our Teams offering below and request a quote here.

How your team can benefit from Codecademy

Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer at Paradox and Codecademy for Business customer, tells us:

“Investing in our team’s continued learning is of utmost importance, for both the success of our business and the betterment of each employee. Codecademy for Teams equips us with the technical skills and tools we need to be an industry leader, while keeping our employees engaged, motivated, and connected to one another through learning.”

Offering Codecademy to employees has benefits for both individual team members and full organizations. Here are just a few of the ways we’re seeing teams benefit from learning with us.

Keep your team’s skills up to date

Technology is constantly evolving and, with it, new languages and tools become the norm. Ensure your team stays up-to-date as the industry changes. We’ve seen everything from engineering teams using Codecademy to train developers on new languages to analysts honing their data science skills, marketing teams moving off of Excel, and more.

Empower non-technical teams to learn technical skills

As we’ve mentioned, learning to code isn’t just for programmers. Access to Codecademy can empower non-technical teams to learn technical skills that can help them advance in their roles.

Marco, a Senior BI Analyst, felt stuck relying on data engineers to help with his day to day tasks:

“I have always been curious about coding and the idea of sitting around without getting my hands dirty was something that I wanted to erase. My wake-up call was when my data engineer co-worker suggested that I pick up some SQL skills to provide me with some independence when completing my tasks. SQL took my modus operandi to another level. I prepare better reports in less time and I’ve finally landed a Senior job that required advanced coding skills.”

Build confidence and encourage problem solving

Like Marco, who was able to advance into a more Senior role, we’ve seen many learners benefit from learning to code, beyond just the technical skills. Learning to code improves problem solving skills and helps prepare teams for the future. Plus, the process of learning new skills offers a major confidence boost.

Johnnie Weathersby, Senior BI Data Analyst at The Motley Fool, another Codecademy for Business customer, tells us:

“Codecademy has been an asset in our efforts to increase technical skills around various points of the company, and move training participants from unfamiliar-to-conversant and from conversant-to-practitioners in the realm of coding.”

How does Codecademy for Teams work?

With Codecademy for Teams, you can unlock Codecademy Pro access for anywhere from 5 to forty-nine members of your team. For larger teams, contact our sales team for more information about our Enterprise offering.

Codecademy for Teams participants will get access to the complete catalog of content on our interactive learning platform. Curriculum spans topics from Data Science to Computer Science and Web Development, and includes courses in 18 programming languages, including HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, JavaScript, and more.

Here’s what your team can expect:

  • Interactive learning platform: Codecademy is designed to make learning to code easy and interactive. Code directly in your browser and get instant feedback with no set up required.
  • Guided paths: Guided learning paths provide a curated roadmap to help your employees know exactly what to take and when to achieve their goals. You can take a step back and let your employees take ownership of their learning.
  • Real-world practice: Put the skills you’re learning into practice with Portfolio Projects, quizzes, practice packs, and more.
  • Up-to-date curriculum: Codecademy teaches the latest skills on the most important topics your team needs to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Proof of growth: Milestones, goal-setting features, and streaks help your employees see their progress and growth over time. Weekly custom reports help you monitor your team’s growth and progress. Plus, employees earn certificates for each course they complete.
  • Built-in motivation: Code challenges, streaks, weekly targets, and a supportive community of learners help your team stay motivated and engaged.

Getting started

Interested in taking Codecademy for Teams for a spin? Sign up below to connect with a member of our team to learn more or register for a 14-day free trial. We look forward to connecting!

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