Introducing Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix


We’ve partnered with Wix to make it easy to learn how to build your professional website exactly how you want. Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix is a free course designed to help you create polished, sophisticated websites, even if you have no prior coding experience.

“The low-code space has been on our radar for a while, as it aligns with Codecademy’s mission to empower anyone to build something meaningful with technology,” says Codecademy CEO Zach Sims. “We are excited to work with an industry-leading partner like Wix to make these skills even more accessible and redefine what it means to be a developer, both today and in the future.”

This course is for anyone interested in building a professional website using Velo, Wix’s rapid app development platform. You’ll learn everything from mastering Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, to creating advanced web apps using basic JavaScript. You’ll be able to quickly launch your very own site whether you decide to use drag-and-drop design elements without any coding, or if you want to dive deeper with JavaScript to make full use of Velo.

Redefining what it means to be a developer

According to Gartner, low-code will be responsible for over 65% of application development by 2024. This means that you’ll be able to build powerful web apps without the need for advanced technical skills or an engineering team.

Not familiar with coding? This course will empower you to build something meaningful, whether you’re looking to build a site for your small business, to show off your work, or just for fun. If you want to add custom functionality to your site, we’ll equip you with the JavaScript basics that you’ll need to build your site exactly how you want.

We understand that, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, having access to low-code tools and learning resources can make it possible to transform your business. That’s why we’re really excited to be partnering with Wix to bring you this course.

Keep an eye out for more of these types of courses in the future. When it comes to low-code/no-code learning, we’re only just getting started!

A look inside the course

In this course, you’ll quickly master Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to create customized websites from scratch or from a template.

We’ll equip you with basic coding skills and concepts in JavaScript that you’ll need to create advanced site features. From there, you’ll be able to add custom front-end elements, make API calls to external sources, and create your own backend to store and interact with data.

You’ll learn how to do all of this inside Wix’s Velo development platform, which has built-in tools to help you launch your site quickly without having to worry about things like hosting or infrastructure.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build a full-stack web application right in Wix. You’ll have the tools you need to turn your vision — whether it’s a portfolio site, e-commerce site, or blog — into reality.

If you’re looking to create a website with the ease of a drag-and-drop editor, or you want to challenge yourself to create a full-stack application with JavaScript, or do anything in between, this course can help you get there.

Getting Started

Ready to build your very own professional website with Wix? Sign up for the free course to get started.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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