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Introducing Build Python Web Apps with Django

Looking to expand your web development skills? Well, look no further. Our new Build Python Web Apps with Django Skill Path has got you covered.

Django is a robust, open-source Python framework used for web development. Until now, many of our Python courses relate to its applications in data science — but the language is capable of so much more. As Content Contributor Khayyam Saleem explains:

The Django course has been designed to get you from basic Python skills to deploying a user-facing application as quickly as possible. You'll be able to learn about templates, forms, databases, and how everything behind a production-ready web application works. Django is an excellent web framework to learn first, in that it's easy to get started and you'll be able to transfer those concepts to other frameworks that you pick up on your learning journey.

We first touched on Python's utility for web development with Build Web Apps with Flask. Now, we've taken it a step further with Django, which is just as popular as Flask and has greater functionality "straight out of the box."

Who is the course right for?

Build Python Web Apps with Django is perfect for learners who are already familiar with Python and want to learn more about its uses in web development. Working knowledge of HTML and CSS is a plus, but it's not explicitly required.

Learners looking for a new web development framework and open to learning beginner-friendly Python are also welcome.

What skills will you learn from the course?

In Build Python Web Apps with Django, you'll expand your skills with Python beyond general scripting or data manipulation into web development. We'll show you how to create an entire, full-stack web application from scratch with Django.

The nine lessons within the Skill Path all use the same Django project from start to end, illustrating the inner workings of Django's Models-Views-Templates architecture.

You'll also learn how to speed up your app production with the framework's capacity for rapid development.

Will you really be able to build an app by the end of this Skill Path?

Absolutely. We'll teach you how to build all the components you'll need to create a web application with Django from the ground up. After developing the app locally on your computer, we'll show you how to deploy it online and share it with your audience.

Pro learners can take their skills even further by building projects like a website for tourist attractions or an application for students to vote for their cafeteria's desserts. Pro learners will also earn a certificate upon completion.


Our new Build Python Web Apps with Django Skill Path will teach you how to create a full-stack web application from the ground up. This course is perfect for Python enthusiasts looking to branch into web development or web developers looking to learn a new framework or increase their production speed.

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is a Content Marketing Associate at Codecademy with a background in writing about technology.

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Introducing Build Python Web Apps with Django
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