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Introducing Java for Programmers

We're excited to announce our new course, Java for Programmers! This course is dedicated to programmers who are already familiar with the world of programming and are looking to become acquainted with the Java programming language.

Java for Programmers is the right course for you if one or more of the following is true:

  • You are already proficient in at least one programming language.
  • You have an understanding of core programming concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, methods, and classes.
  • You're already familiar with Java but are looking for a syntax refresher.

If you're brand new to programming, check out our Learn Java course instead to learn about the basics of programming through the Java language.

This course is meant to be both a teacher and a reference guide to the Java programming language. If you've taken a course with us before, you might notice that the format looks a little different. We designed this course to be a series of short, interactive articles that you can skim, dive into, or even skip. At the end of each article is executable code in a mini "sandbox," so that you can see how each topic is implemented. We did this so that you can use this course as a way to both to learn Java and to check general Java syntax afterwards.

While there aren't any lessons, exercises, or quizzes in this course, we have also included unique Pro-exclusive projects and code challenges in each section that will allow you to practice this new syntax.


Here's a look at the topics covered in Java for Programmers.

Getting Started

Basic Java Syntax


Object-Oriented Programming

Built-In Data Structures

Dynamic Programming and Additional Practice

Ready to learn some Java? Head over to the course page to get started.

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Alisha Grama

Alisha Grama

Alisha Grama is a curriculum developer in the Computer Science domain. She attended the University of Rochester, where she majored in Computer Science and minored in Ethics. She loves snow and baking!

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Introducing Java for Programmers
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