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See How People Are Reshaping Their Lives by Learning to Code

Introducing Codecademy Learner Stories

For the past decade, we've strived to lower the barriers to entry for programming and make it easier to learn how to code. Millions of learners around the world have used our courses to transform their lives. Some have launched entirely new careers. Others have gained new skills and unlocked new possibilities in their current roles.

And these stories aren't just motivating for us — we've heard from all of you in our community how inspiring it can be to see how others have enriched their lives by learning to code. So, to celebrate our learners' many successes and help show you what you can achieve with code, we've rounded up some of our favorite Learner Stories in one spot so that you can see what's possible and maybe even start your own journey.

These stories follow self-taught learners — people just like you, who faced many of the same challenges you're facing now — as they use coding to chart a totally new path forward.

Whether you're looking to totally switch industries (like Alison, who went from Architect to Senior UX Designer) or level up at your current job (like Giacomo, who learned JavaScript to better serve his clients while working in marketing), there's likely a Codecademy Learner who has been there and done that.

Check out our Learner Stories page for more tips and insights that'll give you a boost as you work to achieve your own goals. Or, if you've already had some wins, why not help motivate others? Tell us your story!

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Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is a Content Marketing Associate at Codecademy with a background in writing about technology.

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See How People Are Reshaping Their Lives by Learning to Code
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