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Join us for a World Emoji Day celebration and learn Emojicode

This year, for World Emoji Day 📅 on Friday, July 17, we decided to do something special. 🎉 We launched our new Learn Emojicode course and celebrated the event with a live Q&A with Theo B. Weidmann, the creator of Emojicode, plus a course demo with Curriculum Developer Sonny Li. 🙌

Emojicode is a full-blown programming language consisting of emojis. In an interview a few years back, Theo shared the “inspiration” behind the language:

“Some time ago, I had the idea to create a programming language entirely consisting of Emojis. You might now ask: Whatever gave you that idea? And to be honest, I’m not sure anymore myself, but I do remember that somebody sent me a message with a lot of Emojis, and I suppose my brain ultimately started parsing that as code.”

He tells us that he initially started to toy around with the idea of an emoji-based language in 2014. “The very first version of Emojicode (quite different from today’s Emojicode) was actually a tiny interpreter written in JavaScript. The idea turned out to be quite interesting, and I started to implement the language in C. Although, of course, implementation-wise, that version was still vastly different from today’s compiler. I released the first public version of Emojicode in January 2016.”

You can view the full recording of the Q&A and demo below. To follow along, head over to the Learn Emojicode course to start learning Emojicode for yourself!

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Join us for a World Emoji Day celebration and learn Emojicode
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