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Updates to our JavaScript Content

Good news! We're updating several lessons in our JavaScript curriculum. Now, when you start learning JavaScript, you’ll get a new and improved experience.


We believe our lessons can always improve! Before these updates, our lessons exclusively taught ES6 syntax, making it difficult for learners to read JavaScript code written before 2015. The updates to these lessons teach ES6 syntax while also introducing traditional JavaScript syntax, so that you can read legacy code after you complete the lessons.

In addition, we’ve separated programming concepts from JavaScript's syntax, so you can extend the learning from these lessons to the next language you learn after JavaScript.

Being a programmer requires thinking about these concepts as the building blocks of logic. We believe it’s important to separate programming foundations from language-specific syntax so your learning can evolve as other programming languages evolve.

How does this impact you?

If you've previously started or completed any of the JavaScript lessons including Introduction, Control Flow, Functions, Scope, Arrays, Loops, Iterators or Objects, you will notice updates to the exercise order, the narratives, and code.

If you've previously completed these lessons, your progress will be affected; when revisiting any of the exercises, you'll notice changes to workspace code. If you were in the middle of an exercise, you will find yourself in the new version of that exercise.

If you've only completed the Introduction lesson, we highly encourage you to take the new and improved version. For more details about which exercises will exist in which lessons, see below.


The lessons will be updated beginning at 1:00 PM EST on Thursday, August 30, 2018. We expect the updates to be finalized by 7:00 PM EST the same day. During this time, the content will be unavailable.

Take a look below to get an overview of the updates.

Changes to Introduction to JavaScript

These lessons will still teach the same material included in older versions, but will also have a new and improved feel that separates programming concepts from the syntax. In addition, we’ve included a few updates to each lesson outlined below.

Introduction to JavaScript Lesson now features exercises on:

  • Global Objects
  • String concatenation

Variables Lesson now features:

  • The var Keyword
  • The typeof operator

Conditionals Lesson (previously Control Flow) now features exercises on:

  • Compound Statements
  • Logic Operators

Function Lesson now features exercises on:

Both pre-ES6 and ES6 function syntax

  • Default Parameters
  • Helper Functions

Scope Lesson now features exercises on:

  • Scope as a Concept
  • Local Scope

Arrays Lesson now features exercises on:

  • Array mutability
  • Nested Arrays

Loops Lesson now features exercises on:

  • The while loop
  • The break Keyword
  • Do-while Statements
  • Stopping Conditions

A NEW Higher-Order Functions Lesson now features exercises on:

  • Functions as data
  • Functions as parameters

Iterators Lesson now features:

  • The reduce method

Objects Lesson now features exercises on:

  • Navigating nested objects
  • Object mutability
  • Passing by reference
  • Iterating through objects

A NEW Advanced Objects lesson features exercises on:

  • Factory Functions
  • Property Value Shorthand
  • Destructured Assignment

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Updates to our JavaScript Content
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