Learn The Basics of Programming & Game Development With Lua

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You’ve been asking. We heard you.

Lua’s been one of our most highly requested programming languages in recent years. Much of its popularity comes from Roblox, where people use a derivative of the language to modify and build their own games.

In fact, Lua is one of the most popular programming languages for game development in general. You’ll find it in all types of games, including RPGs like The Witcher, Baldur’s Gate, and The Elder Scrolls Online, simulators like Civilization and The Sims, and other popular titles like World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Age of Conan and Saints Row. Lua’s also used to build web apps like Venmo and various developer tools. And now, you can learn how to use it in our new free course: Learn Lua.

Who is the new course right for?

Lua’s popularity in game development makes it great for aspiring Game Developers, but you can also use it for much more than that. Codecademy Domain Manager Kenny Lin explains that Lua is a flexible, general-purpose programming language. It’s powerful and efficient, and it supports multiple programming styles. Meaning: Learning Lua arms you with skills and approaches to problem-solving that’ll easily transfer  when you’re learning and using other programming languages.

What will you learn in the new course?

The new course provides an introduction to programming with the Lua language. You’ll learn about fundamental programming concepts and methods, and use your new skills to create text-based terminal programs.

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