Learn About AI From Experts in Our Live Interactive Course

3 minutes

Get excited: We’re launching a brand-new type of AI course, and we want you to be part of it. On December 6 at 12pm ET, you can join us for ChatGPT & Generative AI. Unlike the rest of our self-guided courses and paths, this is a live, instructor-led session that’ll take place in real-time online.

We brought in two expert instructors in the AI field to lead this course: Victor de Graaff, Founder of the international data science consultancy D-Data who has a PhD in recommender systems, and Fabienne Mouris, a Data Scientist at D-Data who specializes in machine learning models and advanced AI techniques. The cool thing about this interactive session is that you’ll be able to ask questions in real time, brush (virtual) shoulders with AI experts, and explore these topics alongside your fellow Codecademy learners.

This is an exclusive offer for our Pro and Plus learners, and it’s an awesome opportunity to brush up on everything that’s been happening in AI over the past year, so you can embrace new possibilities in 2024 and beyond.  

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Who is this course for?

Our new course is a solid option for anyone who’s looking to leverage ChatGPT and generative AI tools to become more efficient. Whether you want to pivot into the tech industry, use technology to improve your output at your current job, or just be able to follow the latest tech news, this course is for you.

You don’t need a ton of coding experience or machine learning expertise to keep up with this live interactive course (that’s what our expert instructors are for). If you’re brand new to AI, we recommend that you take our free courses Intro to Generative AI and Intro to ChatGPT to get a primer on the topics that’ll be covered.

Developers and people further along in their coding journeys will get a lot from this course, too. We’ll get you up to speed on how to use the latest generative AI tools like ChatGPT to write code and model data and dig into some of OpenAI’s developer tools, like how to build an API and train your own chatbot.

Bottom line: All our Pro and Plus learners are invited to join this live, interactive session. If you have a Basic membership, be sure to upgrade your plan or start a 7-day trial in time for the course.

What will you learn in the new course?

In the course, we’ll break down how AI systems like ChatGPT work and introduce you to key natural language processing concepts. You’ll also get to practice prompt engineering, which is an essential and marketable skill that you need to work with any generative AI tool.

A section of the course will focus on real-world case studies, where you’ll get to see generative AI in action. We’ll spend time getting into ethical questions about AI and unpacking the risks and limitations of the technology — because we know that’s a huge part of being a responsible and ethical AI practitioner.

Register now, check out the course outline to prepare, and we’ll see you on December 6 at 12pm ET.

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