6 Coding & Tech Newsletters You Need in Your Inbox

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Trying to stay up-to-date on tech news in today’s rapidly-changing world can feel like drinking from a fire hose. That’s why subscribing to email newsletters is such a convenient way to stay informed — you get curated insights and thought-provoking articles delivered straight to your inbox, no scrolling endless news feeds or trying to find a link. 

Knowing what’s happening in the tech industry at large will give you a valuable edge at every stage of your learning journey and career. If you’re brand new to coding, being able to identify emerging technologies and programming languages can help you decide which skills you should focus on to have a successful and rewarding tech career. Or if you’re an experienced dev who leads a tech team, keeping your finger on the pulse of the tech world can help you guide and direct your team so you can make strategic decisions that align with market demands. 

These days, everyone seems to have a newsletter, and we get it: your inbox is precious real estate. To help you cut through the noise, we found the newsletters about tech, coding, and work that are worth a place in your inbox.


Did you know there’s a Codecademy newsletter? Each month, we’ll send you a heads up about new course launches, upcoming community events, as well as inspiring blog articles to read, and tips straight from other Codecademy learners like you. Check your inbox, because anyone with a Codecademy account is already subscribed to our newsletter. (And if you don’t have an account yet, this is another reason why you should sign up for a free Codecademy membership.) You can also enter your email address in the box below to get access. The next newsletter drops on August 15, so keep an eye out!


The name says it all: Get the TL;DR version of the daily news around tech with TLDR’s newsletters. There are several newsletters on different tech beats that you can choose from (we’re fans of the TLDR AI newsletter). Best of all, the newsletter is concise enough that you can read it before your team stand-up meeting.

Management Tip of the Day

Folks who are leading a tech team for the first time will appreciate getting these bite-sized management tips from Harvard Business Review in their inbox. Each day tackles a specific leadership issue, like how to nail a presentation when your time is cut short or how to advance your career if your company is downsizing. Even if you’re not managing a team right now, there’s tons of wisdom that you can get from this newsletter so you can feel prepared for the next step of your career. 

The Algorithm 

MIT Technology Review’s Melissa Heikkilä runs a weekly newsletter all about AI and its effects on society. If you want a thoughtful and pragmatic take on the latest AI innovations making headlines, subscribe to The Algorithm. Melissa includes links to longer articles from publications around the internet that will help you contextualize the age of AI.

Learn something new for free

Frontend Focus

HTML/CSS might’ve been the very first languages you picked up, but there’s always something new you can learn to take your front-end programming skills to the next level. The Frontend Focus newsletter is a sweet way to discover buzzy new front-end coding tools and web dev technologies. In addition to links to relevant news articles, Frontend Focus often shares useful video tutorials and explainers that’ll help you master specific CSS tricks and techniques. And if you’re looking for more hands-on guidance, we have lots of CSS courses that are geared towards developers of all levels.

Rendezvous with Cassidoo

We look forward to reading Cassidy Williams’ friendly and funny web development newsletter every week. Cassidy is a Software Engineer and CTO whose newsletter Rendezvous with Cassidoo highlights intriguing articles and just plain cool finds from the web (plenty of mechanical keyboard content if that’s your thing). She also shares an interview question that’ll help you keep your skills sharp. 

Benedict’s Newsletter

This no-frills tech news roundup is curated by Benedict Evans, a tech analyst who has decades of experience in the VC space. The newsletter is a mix of tech news with commentary, links to big ideas, relevant data stories, and “outside interests.” If you need some reading material for your commute or want some perspective on the news of the week, it’s worth subscribing to. (There’s a free version that drops on Tuesdays, or you can pay extra to get the newsletter on Sundays.) 

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