9 Tech Organizations that Support the LGBTQ+ Community

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This Pride Month, we’re taking a moment to share some tech organizations that are doing awesome work to support and uplift the LGTBQ+ community. We know that coding and learning technical skills can often feel like a solitary activity, whether you’re learning from home or working remotely. The antidote? Having a strong community of like-minded people that you can turn to for advice, resources, and inspiration.  

Read on to learn about LGBTQ+ tech organizations that provide workshops, events, mentorship programs, and more. Discover how you can get involved, volunteer, or meet up with these vibrant communities during Pride Month and all year round.  

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our Codecademy communities and events. We’re always hosting study sessions, workshops, and other virtual events where you can meet learners around the world and get motivated by your programming peers. 

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Lesbians Who Tech & Allies 

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies is dedicated to achieving pay equity and representation for women, women of color, and nonbinary leaders across industries. Their work helps expand access to leadership roles for mid-senior level professionals. Lesbians Who Tech also partners with companies to create targeted talent pipelines, enhance employer branding, and foster business growth and innovation. 

Get involved: There’s a big virtual summit coming up for Pride, where you can hear tech leaders speak and explore professional development opportunities. You don’t have to be a lesbian to join this organization — Lesbians Who Tech & Allies has more than 100,000 members who are LGBTQ+ women, nonbinary, trans, and gender nonconforming.  

Out in Tech 

Out in Tech, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ nonprofit for tech professionals, created the Digital Corps program to support grassroots LGBTQ+ movements globally by offering free web services and development. Their goal is to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ organizations and activists, particularly in countries where being gay is illegal. So far, they’ve built 250 websites in multiple languages for LGBTQ+ organizations worldwide. 

Get involved: Volunteering with Digital Corps is a rewarding opportunity to make a significant impact while gaining valuable experience. Beyond folks who know web dev, they also need people to help with design, writing, and operationalizing tasks.  

TransTech Social 

TransTech Social empowers, educates, and employs the LGBTQ+ community through accessible education programs, inclusive events, and equitable employment opportunities, with a focus on transgender and gender-nonconforming people. Founded by self-taught dev and actress Angelica Ross in 2014, it offers job training and leadership skills to reduce discrimination and promote economic empowerment.  

Get involved: It’s free to join TransTech Social, and members get access to all kinds of perks, including monthly virtual workshops created by and for members, a library of over 100 educational videos (covering topics from accessibility design to virtual public speaking), and a Discord server with a dedicated #jobs channel. 

LGBTQ in Technology Slack 

Whether you work remotely or are feeling secluded while learning to code on your own, check out the LGBTQ in Technology Slack. It’s a safe space for chatting with and meeting other queer people in the industry, and there are over 250 channels you can join if you want to engage with specific subcultures.  

Get involved: Before you join this Slack, be sure to read its code of conduct and review the overview of LGBTQ in Technology’s culture

Out & Equal  

Out & Equal is a nonprofit that focuses on making workplaces more inclusive and supportive for LGBTQ+ people. They work with Fortune 500 companies and organizations to provide leadership development, diversity training, and networking opportunities. Their goal is to create work environments where all employees can grow and succeed. 

Get involved: Out & Equal hosts an annual Workplace Summit with lots of workshops about what it takes to thrive and feel a sense of belonging at work. It’s also a great way to hear from thought leaders, meet like-minded people, and expand your professional network and community.  


Got an idea for a product or app that you want to make a reality? StartOut provides resources, support, and mentorship to LGBTQ+ founders and entrepreneurs. A 2023 report from StartOut found that LGBTQ+ founders only raised 0.5% of the trillions of dollars in startup funding (despite the fact that 7.1% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBTQ+). That’s why their mission is to drive economic empowerment within the queer community and ensure equal access to leadership and success opportunities. 

Get involved: Members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies can volunteer with StartOut to have a hand in planning their events or provide mentorship to budding founders.  


oSTEM is short for “Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” and it’s a nonprofit national technical society for LGBTQ+ students and professionals.  

Get involved: There are lots of volunteer opportunities for students and tech pros. oSTEM’s short-term projects-based opportunities require five to 20 hours per month for a few months — you can sign up to volunteer and get matched with a project. You can also launch a local oSTEM chapter for your school or company (there are over 100 oSTEM chapters around the world!). 

Diversify Tech 

Diversify Tech connects people with professional opportunities — from jobs to internships and educational scholarships. Diversify Tech isn’t an exclusively LGBTQ+ organization, it’s open to folks from underrepresented groups in tech at every level (including students).  

Get involved: Sign up for one of the Diversify Tech newsletters (they have different options depending on your level) to get weekly job board updates in your inbox. You can also make a profile for the Diversify Tech talent directory, so recruiters and hiring managers can contact you about opportunities. 

Unicorns in Tech 

Based in Berlin, Unicorns in Tech is an international tech community for LGBTQ+ people with over 4,000 members.  

How to get involved: Unicorns in Tech hosts an annual hackathon and conference as well as monthly meetups in Berlin. Another way you can contribute is by writing articles and essays for the organization’s online magazine.   

More ways to celebrate Pride 

Check out all of our Pride coverage on the blog, including job search tips from queer career coaches and Pride-themed coding challenges. We hope these ideas inspire you to use your coding skills to give back to the communities and causes that you care about.  

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