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Introducing Your New Profile

By Codecademy Team

We’ve recently reworked your profile to better serve its most important purpose – to showcase who you are and what you’ve achieved on Codecademy.


Codecademy & the 2015 State of the Union

By Codecademy Team

In November, we partnered with the leading non-traditional providers of coding education across the country to launch ReskillUSA, a partnership designed to educate Americans on the range of options that exist to teach absolute beginners the skills they need to find meaningful work.


The New Dashboard

By Codecademy Team

Starting today, we’re introducing a new, redesigned Dashboard that unifies the old dashboard with the course catalog.


Codecademy Reimagined

By Codecademy Team

We’ve been working hard over the past four months trying to reimagine Codecademy and we couldn’t be happier to finally unveil it to the world. We have redefined every component under our brand, from a single button on our dashboard to our email template, business cards, slides and even apparel.


Three Ways Coding Kickstarts Your Career

By Codecademy Team

Whether it’s moving up in your job or getting a new one entirely, there’s always a way to put code to work for you. Here are three ways users have applied their new skillset to take them where they want to go.


Getting Started with Git

By Codecademy Team

Git is a Version Control System (VCS), a tool used by coders around the world to keep track of their code and the changes they have made to it. Here’s how to get started.