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Codecademy Pro Welcomes Our 100,000th Learner

By Zach Sims

Today, we are thrilled to announce that more than 100,000 people all around the world have joined the Codecademy Pro community in order to transform themselves through learning. It’s a long way from where we started with an idea in a dorm room in college a little over 8 years ago.


Updates to the Data Science Path

By Codecademy Team

We’re adding lessons and several in-depth projects to the Data Science Path. You’ll learn how to analyze real data across a variety of industries.


Updates to the Web Development Path

By Codecademy Team

We’re adding new lessons and quizzes to the Web Development Path. We’ve also added new Challenge Projects, which allow you to develop applications locally.


How to Start a Group Project

By Kerry Driscoll

As you develop your coding skills, you may want to use them to build a complex project. We’ll walk you through how to assemble and manage a project team.