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How Knitters are Human Computers

By Codecademy Team

It’s a popular hobby, practiced by people all over the world. At its most basic, it’s a loop of string and two pointy sticks. The loops can be combined in various ways to create a wide variety of things. In other words, knitting is a lot like coding.


Make 2013 Your Code Year

By Codecademy Team

Sticking to your resolutions is hard. That’s why, in 2013, we’ve done everything possible to make sure you’ll come out a capable coder.


Resizable Editor: More Room for Your Code

By Codecademy Team

Today we’re pleased to roll out one of your most-requested features: a resizable editor for your code! Now you have all the space you need—just click and drag anywhere along the gray bar at the bottom of the editor to resize it.


Ruby and Python are Ready

By Codecademy Team

We’re pleased to make a dual announcement today: our brand-new Ruby Track is now available and we’re promoting the Python track out of beta!


Your Daily Serving of Points

By Codecademy Team

Points on Codecademy are a great way to keep track of your progress as a learner – we have added the ability to track how much material you have covered each day with daily points tracking.


Announcing Python

By Codecademy Team

We’ve spent the past few months working on adding more languages to Codecademy and the first one (and most requested!) launches today—Python!