In light of the recent efforts to enhance our course creation experience we’ve added a new feature called Preview Mode.

Before, both course creators and students would see the same functionality when previewing an exercise. This made it difficult to catch submission test errors and generally debug courses.

To make debugging easier, the new Preview Mode adds a retractable console to show helpful messages and error logs. The console will show the following:

  • Errors in the submission correctness test (SCT).
  • Errors in the student code.
  • Helpful debugging messages and warnings.

Now that we distinguish between preview and student modes, we define different behaviors for our teachers and students:

  • Erroneous SCTs will pass in student view (so our students don’t get blocked).
  • Erroneous SCTs will fail with a console message in preview mode.
  • Preview Mode will always show up-to-date default code in the editors unless chosen otherwise.

Want to learn more? Read the official documentation here.


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