There’s A New Way To Get Your Coding Projects Discovered

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Writing the last few lines of code for a project is a satisfying feeling, second only to the joy that comes from getting positive feedback from other users. And while you can share your coding projects on your social media feeds, post about them on our Discord server, and send an email blast to your team at work, it can be tough getting your work discovered outside of your circles. 

That’s why we’re launching a brand new coding project showcase for Codecademy learners just like you. We know folks in our community are always making impressive projects — whether for practice, for a portfolio, or just for fun — and we want to celebrate your accomplishments by putting a spotlight on your unique creations.

Submit your projects, and we’ll feature the top standout projects right here on Codecademy. Got a project you’re proud of and want to submit it? Here’s what you need to know about this exciting opportunity and how to get started.

Learn something new for free

How it works

If you have a Codecademy Pro or Plus membership, you can submit your project (or multiple projects!) to be reviewed by the Codecademy curriculum team. You’ll have to give your project a name and brief description that sheds some light on how and why you created it. What inspired you to build this? What problem does it solve? Did you have to learn any new skills or workarounds to complete it? 

Every month, we’ll feature a new batch of projects on the Codecademy website and share them with our community. If your project is chosen, you’ll get the spotlight for 30 days. (We’ll also archive all the past showcase projects on a different part of the site, so you’ll still be able to view them — and check out what your peers are making.)

Feel free to use any programming languages or frameworks you’re comfortable with. Just find somewhere to host your project (whether that’s your personal website, GitHub, or a Codecademy workspace), send us the URL, and explain which Codecademy courses or paths helped you along the way. Want to submit right now? Use this form to enter your projects.

What we’re looking for

Projects will be evaluated by the Codecademy team based on three categories: Creativity, interactivity, and usefulness. Does it solve a unique problem or have any unexpected features? Is it educational or entertaining? What value does it provide to its users, and how will they engage with it? 

You don’t have to be an expert developer or have any professional experience to be considered — feel free to submit your pet projects or something custom that you created during one of your courses. We want to see anything you want to share, whether it’s a brand new API or a game like Wordle. Keep in mind: Whatever you submit must be your original work.

Why you should enter

We’re showing the world some of the best of what our community has to offer, because learning to code is no small task, and your milestones deserve recognition.  Not only is this an opportunity to show off your work to our community and beyond, but this is another achievement you can include on your resume and in your professional portfolio.

If your end goal is to become a professional developer, you’ll need a technical resume and portfolio of work to show recruiters and hiring managers that you can get the job done. Highlighting that your work was hand-picked by the Codecademy team could help you stand out as a candidate.

Even if your project isn’t selected this time around, it’s a chance to connect with other developers, practice pitching your product, and get inspired by the work other learners are putting out there.

Ready to share your work with our community? Click here to learn how. If you don’t have anything to submit (or you’re looking for your next project), check out our library of coding projects for inspo.

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