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Skip Though Course Content and Jump to Individual Lessons

At Codecademy, you can learn to code with any of the hundreds of lessons we offer within courses. Content varies by topic, length, difficulty, and more.

Previously, access to some lessons was restricted based on your progress. For example, we blocked your access if you attempted to jump ahead to a lesson without first completing any required, preceding content.

We're excited to announce that we've removed all access restrictions on lessons. You can now easily navigate to any lesson on the Codecademy platform, regardless of pre-requisites.

Note that you cannot jump into exercises.

Why? We understand that Codecademy may not be your first experience with learning to code. Some Codecademy learners have prior experience with coding, and many prefer to skip ahead to specific lessons. With unlocked lessons, all learners (newer and experienced) can now jump ahead to any lesson on Codecademy.

We also know that learners love to share our coding lessons with friends, family, colleagues, and more. By unlocking this content, you no longer have to worry about access restrictions when you share the URL to lessons with others.

Finally, if you're a teacher, celebrate! Now, teachers and students can jump to specific lesson content.

We enjoy supporting you in your coding journey. With unlocked lessons, you can explore more of Codecademy and learn even more. Try it out!

How does this impact you?
We’ve removed the lock icon in course syllabi because you can now jump to any lesson.

When? All changes are effective immediately

Get more practice, more projects, and more guidance.

Skip Though Course Content and Jump to Individual Lessons
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