Supporting Workers Affected by COVID-19


We know that the COVID crisis has dramatically affected many lives around the world. Codecademy is committed to doing what we can to help. We started last month, pledging to give away 10,000 student scholarships. To date, we’ve actually given away 100,000 scholarships and heard inspiring stories from learners around the globe. The response has blown us away, which is why we’ve decided to turn our attention to workers impacted by COVID-19 — and we want to give our customers the opportunity to help, too.

We know that students are not the only group that has been affected by this pandemic. Millions of people have lost jobs or been furloughed. We plan to do our part to help these affected workers too — and involve our community of learners along the way. That’s why, for a limited time, we’ll be matching every single Pro membership purchase with five Pro memberships for affected workers. We plan to give up to 100,000 Pro memberships to workers in need.

UPDATE, May 26, 2020: Thanks to our new Pro members, we’ve reached 100,000 donated accounts for workers in need!

Learning something new can provide a welcome distraction and sense of empowerment during this challenging time. We’ve been so inspired by early feedback from membership recipients who are taking this time to learn new skills and develop their careers.

Alan from Tupelo, Mississippi tells us, “Pro is helping to give purpose to my days during this time of uncertainty. I’ve always had a desire to learn more about coding and to expand my skills; having the time and access to Codecademy is giving me hope.” And Tyanna from Georgia says, “I think this pandemic has inspired me to learn how to code more because now is the perfect time to use technology to combat this.”

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